The Soho Soap Co

Well Winter is well and truly here and as much as I love some things about Winter, I can’t help but think about Summer. The Soho Soap Co have some gorgeous smelling bathing products and I wanted to tell you all about some of my favourite scents, which remind me of Summer.

My favourite fragrances from the collection include Strawberry Daiquiri, Coconut Paradise and Vanilla Smoothie. All three scents remind me of the summer months, strawberry daiquiri cocktails in Egypt, Coconut Paradise reminds me of suntan lotion and Vanilla Smoothie reminds me of summer evenings smothering vanilla body butter on my skin to cool down the Summer warmth.


Each tube of Bath and Shower Gel have little paragraphs on them telling you about the ingredients and here’s what is on mine…

Vanilla Smoothie – Tales of passion and intrigue have surrounded this exotic vanilla orchid bean for centuries…all I feel is nostalgia and ice cream sweetness.

Strawberry Daiquiri – A gentle fruit born in France would you believe, which may explain why its scent smells of quiet romance and creates calm in the craziest of days.

Coconut Paradise – Its flowers adorn Hindu weddings and its fruits play fairground games of tall dancing trees and swimming in its milky sweetness.

I think this is a really cute touch and the formulas are all allergen and paraben free and so are fab for even sensitive skin and leave your skin smelling gorgeously fresh and silky smooth.

What scents remind you of summer?

The Soho Soap Co is available at Sainsburys.


Kathryn xx


Radox Bath and Body Collection


I have used Radox for as long as I can remember, their shower gels and bubble baths always smell amazing. With the colder months rolling around, my posts this month are focused on products that make us feel a little better despite the cold, miserable weather outside. What better way to start these posts than with a little bit of pampering and I believe that Radox bubble baths and shower gels are just the ticket!


My favourite fragrance in the bubble bath range is the Muscle Therapy Black Pepper and Ginseng edition. This bubble bath is great for easing those tired muscles after time spent in the cold and really warms you up, leaving you with a great feeling of comfort. The scent is really invigorating too and it is one of those scents that is great for either men or women and so is good for sharing, as it is quite a musky scent which I really love.


On to shower gels, and I love the Revive Mandarin and Lemongrass scent and the Uplifting Pink Grapefruit and Basil fragrances. These are so good for waking you up in a morning whilst taking a hot shower and really get those senses moving to prepare you for the day ahead. On an evening I prefer the Mango Mayhem and the Passionfruit Splash shower gels as these are so fabulously fruity and I find that the scent lingers on my skin afterwards leaving me refreshed and revitalised ready for bed.


What are your favourite Radox scents?

Check out the website at for more product information. The Radox body and bathing collections are available from most supermarkets.


Kathryn xx


There are so many organic products around at the moment which is so refreshing as you can use fabulous products with peace of mind. I recently tried a few products from a brand called Organii and wanted to share my thoughts on them with you…

Organii Shea Butter Shower Gel £5.95 for 300ml


Firstly the scent of this shower gel is gorgeous, but then I do love shea butter products anyway and so I was bound to love this. As pretty as the fragrance is, it is still quite delicate at the same time without being too strong. It has been dermatologically tested on voluntary humans, and has no way been involved with any animals, which is another factor to give you peace of mind. This shower gel is so gentle that you can even use it on your hair, which can speed up those early mornings and get you out of the door quicker. Personally, I love a little extra sleep in a morning and so this is perfect for me. The lather of the shower gel is lovely and soothing and really relaxes you, helping to keep your skin cleansed and soft.

Organii Lavender Liquid Soap £4.45 for 330ml


For a liquid soap, the price may seem slightly more expensive than supermarket brands, but this product contains organic olive oil, which is amazing for the skin. It contains pure essential oils with give the most fresh, invigorating lavender scent. I have tried a lavender hand wash from a much more expensive brand, and this is definitely the better smelling one, as well as leaving your skin luxuriously soft and smooth. As it is a mild liquid soap, it is also suitable to use on your skin in the shower, which again as a multi-use product, it is perfect for those in a rush.

Organii Organic Cotton Plasters £5.95 for 50


I am pretty darn clumsy, in fact most pictures of me as a child on holiday I am there with plasters across my knees, or an arm in a sling. Even now I always have a stock of plasters, especially when I am trying out new shoes – blister alert! Eurgh! The only problem I have with plasters is that I hate pulling them off the skin afterwards, I always have to get someone to do it for me, as I am a bit of a chicken. Organii Organic Cotton Plasters are full of goodness;

·         Dermatologically tested

·         Absorbing organic-gauze pad to protect the wound

·         Organic cotton backing

·         No PVC

In each pack there is a variety of sizes and they feel so much more comfortable and cooling than regular plasters. Now here is the winner for me, as they are made from organic cotton, they actually do NOT hurt when I pull them off!

Have you tried any organic skincare?


Kathryn xx


Mini Pamper Session

So today I managed to unpack my suitcase that I took to Egypt, put it all in the washing machine and then onto the washing line, and then decided to have a little pamper time before I am back at work tomorrow. I ran a bath, lit a candle and gathered a few of my favourite pampering products. 


I reached for my Magnitone Pulsar face cleansing system, and Elemis cleanser to give my skin a really good deep clean. I often find that after just one use of the Magnitone Pulsar my skin feels so much smoother. I also chose my favourite shower gel by Molton Brown, an amazing smelling moisturiser by Soap & Glory, and some new shampoo and conditioner I picked up yesterday. I have wanted to try Garnier Ultimate Blends for a while now, as I like to change my shampoo every few months and this was perfect for me as it was suitable for medium to long hair with split ends. The vanilla milk and papaya fragrance was heavenly!

The final product I grabbed was the new Denman Shower Brush. This is a palm sized brush, with a handle which my fingers fit around perfectly, ensuring the brush didn’t slip out of my soapy hands mid-brushing. I smoothed my conditioner on and then used the shower brush to gently massage my scalp, and spread my conditioner through my hair. I noticed that the brush didn’t tug or pull at the knots in my hair, but simply slid through, which was a great relief to me as I really hate when my hair is tugged at.



The Denman Shower Brush is also great used with shampoo, gel, wax, oil, pomade and tonic, but not to be used with hairdryers. The more I worked the brush through my hair, the warmer the pins got, which was a really comforting feeling on my scalp.


I have tried other shower combs and brushes before and have stopped half way through using them as I simply couldn’t take the pain of the dragging, but this shower brush was really and truly pain free and is definitely staying on the side of my bath.


It is priced at just £3.50 and you can check out the full colour range at

Love, Kathryn x


Faith In Nature Lavender & Geranium Shower Gel & Foam Bath

Everyone is in a rush these days, we want everything not just yesterday but a week last Tuesday. Faith In Nature have brought out a product that is not just shower gel but is also bubble bath. I present to you Lavender & Geranium Shower Gel & Foam Bath…


As some of you may know i LOVE lavender, it is one of my favourite scents, and certainly not just for cute little old ladies. (I’m not that old right?) Lavender and Geranium are known for their soothing qualities and this shower gel/foam bath/wonder product is also made with grape skin, which contains antioxidants and so this is the perfect for a relaxing hot bubble bath after a (VERY) stressful day at work. All Faith In Nature products are free from artificial colours and fragrances, contain no parabens or SLES, are biodegradable and are not tested on animals. So you can rest assured these are all natural products and you are doing your bit for the environment whilst indulging in a little relaxation at the same time. Who can say better than that? This product is perfect for those who only have showers, or only baths, or who are lucky enough to have both and so is a perfect pick me up gift for someone who may be suffering from the dreaded cold which is going around at the moment and great for if you do not know what bathroom ensemble they own! 

Please visit to find out more about these wonderful products. Lavender & Geranium Shower Gel & Foam Bath is available in a generous 400ml size at just £5.45. Check out their gorgeous new tropical fragrances Coconut and Pineapple & Lime 🙂


Kathryn x


Faith In Nature

At the Kats Paws, we love natural and organic products that are good for the environment and are not tested on animals. We both, coincidently, have cats named Daisy (my Daisy is white and Kathryn’s Daisy is black) and have always loved animals, so the thought of little rabbits being sprayed and smothered in products makes me feel ill. I’m not vegetarian or vegan, and don’t have a problem with eating meat as I think the majority is done humanely and it’s a natural part of life, but animal testing is another story.

It’s important to look after the environment, so instead of changing massive parts of your lifestyle such as driving, try changing a few of your toiletries to something more economical!

We were sent a few goodies from the Faith In Nature brand a couple of months ago now, and although I’d never used any of the products before, I’ve been using them constantly since! Here’s a few pieces that I’ve loved:


Revitalising Body Lotion

I love a good body lotion, and can always tell the difference on my skin. If I’m in a rush and don’t moisturise or use body lotion after showering, my arms particularly feel rough and even pimply to an extent, and you can see a difference in the appearance of my skin.

The Faith in Nature revitalising body lotion does what it says on the tin. Well, bottle. It completely revitalises your skin and leaves it feeling soft and supple. I could noticeably see a difference too. It’s enriched with Organic Pumpkin, which is rich in omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids which leave the skin looking healthy.

It doesn’t smell chemically at all and has a pumpkin scent, which as first I was a bit put off by as I’m not a huge fan of fruit scented moisturisers such as strawberry, as I think they take over your perfume smell, but this was pleasant and wasn’t too overpowering.

I also love the cap on this that you can twist to lock, therefore carrying it in toiletry bags or handbags won’t be a problem as it won’t leak. Plus the pump makes it easy to use just as much as you need without it all glooping out, preventing waste.


Raspberry and Cranberry Conditioner

Unlike moisturisers, I LOVE fruity smelling shampoo and conditioner, a personal favourite being Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends. My old housemate Sadie once said that the smell of it would always remind her of university, as it has a really distinctive, fruity smell.

These shampoo and conditioners remind me exactly of it, which is already a winner for me. The blend of the two fruits are known for their antioxidant qualities, and contains glycerine and natural vitamin E. Again, the products are made from organic fruits and are cruelty free.

It left my hair feeling so soft and shiny without weighing it down on top of all the other products I use- hair dye, straightening balm, hairspray, volumising powder, the works!


3-in-1 Facial wipes

I’ve been using my Waterwipes which we reviewed a couple of months ago for ages now, and absolutely love them, but these are a refreshing change.

The Aloe Vera scent is amazing and revitalising, leaving my skin feel extremely clean and cleansed! These wipes cleanse, moisturise AND remove make-up which is amazing and I’ve been using them on an evening to take off my make up without having to cleanse and moisturise afterwards, which is perfect if you have a late night and your bed is calling your name.

They’re 100% biodegradable, so you’re doing your bit for the environment and your carbon footprint and contain vitamin E which is brilliant for the skin.

They’re also made for all skin types so won’t inflame sensitive skin or cause adverse reaction.


Shower-Gel/Foam Bath Minis Gift Pack

As you can see from the picture below, this minis gift pack has been extremely well loved. The 5 mini bottles let you sample the entire range and I can confirm that every single one smells amazing.

The range comes in 5 different scents/ flavours; Raspberry & Cranberry (like the shampoo and conditioner), Aloe Vera & Ylang Ylang, Seaweed & Citrus, Grapefruit & Orange and Lavender & Geranium.

Each are free from artificial colours and fragrances, and come in biodegradable bottles. They foam up brilliantly and you don’t have to use a huge amount to get a lot of bubbles, so they last ages!

The scents are amazing. The Aloe Vera is a particular favourite, which is calming to use before bed, whereas the Grapefruit & Orange is revitalising and zingy, and is used best as a shower gel in a morning to wake you up and get you ready for the day.

They make a great present for birthdays and Christmas, as they’re a little different to other ranges on the high street that you can get in sets.


Overall these little treats are a brilliant buy and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough! I’ve been using them non-stop and they’re still going strong so they’re fantastic value for money.

For more info and prices visit and get yourself a few toiletries that are great for the environment!

Emily xxx