The Make Up Tag!

Hi everyone!

We’ve been nominated to do The Make Up Tag by the lovely Rhian at Pretty Green Eyes, so here goes! Here’s a link to her post:

1.Which product do you keep still buying more of despite having plenty in your collection?

Emily: Lipsticks, I’m slowly becoming obsessed, and have about 10 different shades in my handbag at any given time… you never know when you’re going to need to swap colour!

Kathryn: Mascara – I always fear I am going to run out and the two mascara products I ALWAYS use are not available in a drugstore so I like to have plenty of backups. My all-time favourites are the Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara and the Magnifibres lash fibres.

2.What’s the one product you couldn’t live without?

Emily: Mascara, my current is an old favourite which i rediscovered recently… Maybelline The Falsies!

Kathryn: Again, it would be mascara, although apart from that nowadays I would say my Bilion Dollar Brows eyebrow pencil.

3.Favourite make-up brand?

Emily: Hmmm I’m not sure I can pinpoint a favourite… drugstore wise probably Rimmel, it’s usually the first counter I visit in Superdrug and excellent for the money! Higher end, probably Bobbi Brown, I literally want everything they do! I also love Benefit and Mac.

Kathryn: This is so hard because I have my cult faves from lots of different brands – but I love the thrill of Benefit products and the packaging and the whole shebang really.

4.How big is your make-up collection?

Emily: I’d say it was pretty reasonable to be honest. My mum would disagree.

Kathryn: I have make up stored in every nook and cranny, it is ridiculous to be honest – I am quite good though and do have clear outs every couple of months or so.

5.And how do you like to store it?

Emily: I have a huge glass candy jar for nail varnishes, glass pots for brushes, more pots for lipsticks, a four drawer cabinet for products and excess makeup and the rest is in two fairly large make up bags… yes, it needs a good sort

Kathryn: Wherever I possibly can! I have four glass beakers/jars that I store my brushes in, and I have a couple of lipstick trays, a big basket for my current make up, a 4 drawer cabinet where I keep my other make up and then things are scattered around!

6.How many items of make-up have you got in your handbag at the moment?

Emily: I always always always carry round a mascara (usually just the one I’m currently using), my Bobbi Brown bronzer and Mac Studio Fix powder. And as stated before, about 73 lipsticks/ lipglosses/ lip crayons. If I’m out for the entire day somewhere special or on a night out, I also have a brow kit, eyeliner, blusher and eyeshadow.

Kathryn: I don’t often keep make up in my bag to be honest, but I currently have my Gucci lipstick and a Bourjois eyeliner which are only in there from when I went to a christening at the weekend.

7.If you could raid another blogger’s stash, who would it be?

Emily: Definitely Tany Burr, without a shadow of a doubt! I’d be like a kid in a sweet shop.

Kathryn: I am obsessed with Gabby from Velvet Gh0st so I would love her to do my make up!

8.How long does your usual make-up routine take and how many products do you use?

Emily: My everyday make up takes about 20 minutes and I use the following in this order: Benefit Porefessional primer, applied with my fingers followed by Rimmel Match Perfection foundation applied using a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. Then Rimmel Wake me up concealer applied with a RT Foundation brush. I powder my face with Mac Studio Fix and use a Real Techniques powder brush. I use Benefit Browzings on my eyebrows using a Nima eyebrow brush and a Body Shop lip brush which is the exact shape of the mini brushes that come in the compact, but easier to use. Next I use my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette (I mix and match the shades I use on my lid and crease each day) with RT brushes, Rimmel liquid eyeliner and Maybelline the falsies mascara. I then use Bobbi Brown bronzer with an RT contour brush and go over that with a tiny bit on my RT powder brush and finish with a blusher which changes daily. Today I have a Clarins cream blush on, applied with a RT buffer brush… can you see a Real Techniques theme in there.

Kathryn: It totally depends on where I am going and how tired I am! I would say minimum 10/15mins to an hour if I am lazing around taking my time.

9.Have you ever bought make-up knowing you wouldn’t use it?

Emily: I dont think so, no. I often buy things, use it once and either forget it or dislike it though!

Kathryn: Absolutely! I am such a shopaholic and I waste so much money which is something I am trying to curb!

10.Tag a few other make-up addicts to do the tag!

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Love Emily & Kathryn xxx


Being 23…

I thought I’d step away from beauty products and write more of a lifestyle post today as it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Sometimes, it makes it all seem better when you write it down, but really, I just wanted to write a piece that so many people would relate to.

Anyone older than me with their own home, bills to pay and children to provide for would probably read this thinking ‘you’re 23, you just wait another ten years, then you’ll know what stress is’ but to me, getting to that point seems a lifetime away. Do you remember when you were at school and your parents and teachers used to say ‘your school years are the best years of your life, enjoy every minute’ and we’d all think ‘yeah right’? Well they actually had a point…

To be as carefree as an 11 year old would be great, but school isn’t the easiest time for a lot of people. I loved being at school and spending every day with my friends, but bullying in schools is a huge issue that people have to, unfortunately, face and for some, it can determine aspects of your life forever. I grew up having people comment on a mole I have on my face, (I now despise anything to do with Austin Powers as I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one) but them features don’t define you as a person, if anything, it defines the person saying it to you. Some are still people I would never associate with. People say things to others to make themselves feel better, it’s as simple as that. And that must always be remembered. Pity them, and move on with your own life, because everyone’s beautiful. ( Apart from them 😉 )

I would however say university was definitely the best time of my life, despite being constantly stressed with course work, essays and exams. I was looking through my university assignment folder the other day for module work on British film and television when writing an article about The Full Monty for Scottish edition of The Metro. As I flicked through each submission, memories came flooding back from each seminar and each lecture which I shared with some of the funniest, kindest and intelligent people there are. Days of meeting on the corner of Heaton Park to walk down to Northumbria University in the Geordie weather seemed like centuries ago, but really, I only graduated two years ago. I don’t feel like that chapter of my life has closed fully yet, but I would do anything to be living with my three best friends in our gorgeous four bed flat in Heaton, Newcastle again, working in Next in Eldon Square so I had enough spare money for a night in Sinners, and to order a ‘Pizza Pizza’ to eat whilst watching The X Factor after we all got home from work every Saturday.

Going to University definitely changed me as a person. I grew up a hell of a lot as I became independent, did my own washing, cooking, paid bills, made friends, the works. I would push anybody to go to university because it really is the best three years of your life, most definitely. And if you’ve just started, embrace every single second, because it will soon seem a million years ago. Make as many memories as you can, go on nights out when you have £10 to your name (there’s always the Bank of Mum and Dad to call on tomorrow), spend £5 on tins of beans for your weekly food shop, work hard to gain a degree that will determine the rest of your life, but have the most fun doing it. We used to be so poor we’d spend the evenings playing the post-it note game, watching films and playing on Just Dance, but those nights make the best memories and we still talk about them now. Go on bar crawls such as Carnage or Poly vs Posh, just try not to get your face in the Daily Mail lying in the gutter with a kebab down your front. Take trips around the area, I was lucky enough to live with three locals who all had cars at university with them, so we used to go up to Morpeth and Ashington where they lived, the Metro Centre, Gateshead, Durham etc. But above all, remember to have the most fun doing whatever you want, because despite hand ins and lectures, them three years are when you have the most freedom ever.

After moving home to Hull from Newcastle with a Media and Journalism degree life could be a lot worse. I know so many people that two years down the line, still can’t find a graduate job, and sadly that’s the way the economy is working at the minute. Although it has picked up a lot since the first job searches. When I started looking for a job, I applied EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere. Media jobs, journalism jobs, retails jobs, admin jobs, hospitality jobs, the list was endless. In fact, I kept a tally. I applied for 56 jobs before I got my job at The Press Association. 4 rejections, one week long stint in a call centre, one interview and acceptance and 50 complete ignores. I even applied to work at Build a Bear, which still amuses my friends to this day when we see the poor member of staff stood outside pulling a teddy around on roller skates. That could well have been my life.

Although I now have a job I love, it’s not something that I ideally want to do, but who does have a job like that? It’s all about progression and working hard. But looking at your income and lifestyle right now makes you address a lot of issues for the future:

1) When are you going to buy your own house?

When pigs can fly… I don’t know, in a few years I guess?

2) But all your friends are saving up for one?

Yes, but they’ve got boyfriends to save up with. I don’t, therefore I don’t have to think of these grown up things.

3) Well why don’t you have a boyfriend?

Because… I don’t know. I just don’t. And I’m not crying myself to sleep over that fact every night.

Credit: Buzzfeed

4) But what if you never get a boyfriend, will you live at home forever?

Obviously not, I’ll buy a house on my own.

5) But how would you ever afford that when you have 34p left the day before payday every single month?

I don’t know… Get a second job?

6) But then if you got a second job, it would have to be a weekend, then you can’t go out with the girls?

Ok… Maybe we didn’t think this through…

7) Maybe if you stopped going out ever Saturday night and spend £50 on wine, then spend all day Sunday lying on the sofa eating £10 of McDonalds and watching X Factor, then you’d be able to save £240 per month to go towards life?

Well when I put it like that… But that probably won’t happen anytime soon.

Credit: Buzzfeed

8) And what about kids, don’t you want kids?

Well yes eventually.

9) But the clock is ticking…

The clock is NOT ticking. I’m 23 thank you very much!

10) Have you tried online dating?

Me and my friends got Tinder to laugh at people… That would not work and I refuse to set up a Plenty of Fish account.

11) The right person will come along eventually you know…

Really? Well he hasn’t for the last 23 years, that’s for sure!

12) Why don’t you go travelling seeing as you’ve got nothing holding you back then?

If you would like to give me £5000, that would be great. I’ll send you a postcard from Australia.

Being 23 is tough… But if you look from the outside you have years to do all of these things. Right now enjoy life, go out with your friends, go on holidays, go on dates, smile a lot and always remember that planning isn’t always the best thing to do. Go with the flow, be spontaneous, take chances and do things that scare you. It just all adds to the experience of this rollercoaster ride they call life.

Maybe life will fall into place next month when I turn 24? Who knows…

Love Emily x

RITUALS Herbal Tea and Car Perfume

Some of you may have heard of RITUALS, it is a skincare, shower and bath product range, which produce some absolutely gorgeous scents. I have tried a few of their shower foams before and the smell insanely beautiful, therefore when I saw that they were bringing out a range totally different to their current collection, I was pretty darn excited to see what there would be!


RITUALS Emperor’s Dream Tea Bags (£4.50 for 20 tea bags)

I must admit I never thought I would have associated Tea Bags with RITUALS but after thinking about it, there’s nothing more I love than a relaxing bath, with a cup of herbal tea by my side.


Emperor’s Dream tea bags are a relaxing herbal melange of Licorice and Staranise and are in really pretty (if tea-bags can be pretty!) pyramid gossamer-looking fabric. You simply boil up some water, pour into your favourite cup, pop in a tea bag, leave to brew for around five minutes and then sit back, relax and enjoy.


RITUALS Car Perfume (£10)

I love having pretty-smelling air fresheners in my car, but they never seem to last very long unfortunately. RITUALS have brought out their own version of the car air freshener, but a much ‘posher’ version – a car perfume.


This is by far the fanciest car air freshener I have ever seen and is a gorgeous wooden-effect strip that you pop into your air vents. It looks so much more natural and classier than the regular air fresheners and it is scented with fresh eucalyptus and rosemary.


The fragrance is really invigorating and refreshing and it lasts such a long time, in fact mine hasn’t even run out yet and so even though the price of this car perfume is rather higher than regular ones, the quality more than makes up for it.


You can check out the RITUALS collections at

What other skincare brands would you like to see do similar products?


Kathryn xx

St Ives Skincare

I have used St Ives face scrub for as long as I can remember and it is one of my favourite high-street branded skincare ranges. In the past few years the collection has really grown and has so many more different products than the company originally started with. Following on with my Autumn/Winter care themed posts, I wanted to tell you all about two of my favourite St Ives products.

St Ives Gentle Apricot Facial Scrub (£4.29)

This is definitely one of the collection’s hero products and it is in face the UK’s No 1 Scrub brand – you certainly cannot argue with that. For the colder months I opt for the dry/sensitive skin option to give an extra boost to my skin. The formula is, as mentioned, suitable for sensitive skin and so it has an extra mild formula which gently exfoliates dull surface cells to promote smooth, radiant skin.


Another little ingredients fact for those of you who like to know what you are putting on your skin, is that this scrub contains more than 95% of naturally derived ingredients, including Swiss glacial water and Swiss botanicals. This scrub is gentle enough to be used everyday but I tend to use it around 3 times a week as I feel that that suits my skin the most. To use, simply moisten the face and neck area, and gently massage onto the skin, avoiding the eyes and then rinse really well. I noticed that my skin felt and looked much smoother and more radiant.


St Ives Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes (£3.05)

As a general beauty rule I do try not to use wipes but there are those days when I really cannot be bothered to do a full skincare routine of cleanse, tone and moisturise and so I do keep a packet of these wipes in my bathroom cabinet for those moments so that I am removing my makeup, even if it is not the full rigmarole.


The St Ives Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes are perfect for dry and sensitive skin and cleanse, tone and moisturise the face and neck area, removing makeup and even waterproof mascara – which I am sure you will all agree with me is a feat in itself! The wipes are alcohol-free and are made with a natural chamomile extract to really soothe the skin and provide plenty of hdydration. Another point to mention is that I wear contact lenses everyday and these wipes have not caused me any irritation or problems.

You can check out the St Ives collection at which also has product stockists.

Have you tried the infamous St Ives apricot scrub?


Kathryn xx


Okay so my next Autumn/Winter post is lipcare! No one wants to be kissing dry chapped lips and so to keep your lips in tip top condition, I recommend the following products from Blistex.


Blistex Relief Cream

I recently tried this as my immune system was a little low and the corners of my mouth kept cracking, and so everytime I tried to open my mouth to talk, the skin cracked again, and I am sorry but I find it ridiculously hard not to talk for longer than 10 minutes. It is a light cream that you massage into the lips or the corners of the mouth and is medicated to soothe cold sores.


I noticed within a maximum of two days that my mouth and lips felt so much better and the cracking had disappeared so I would definitely get this product if you are experiencing this kind of problem or also to have as a medicine cabinet staple during these cold, harsh months.

Blistex MedPlus

This is a cute little pot of soothing goodness! I use this as an everyday lip balm during Autumn and Winter as it contains jojoba oil and cocoa butter to condition and smoothe the lips as well as menthol which really cools the lips down – and yes it does tingle slightly at first, but I like that as it shows it is working.


It is also important to keep the lips protected during the sunshine in the colder months as this can also dry out the lips and the MedPlus contains an SPF of factor 15 which is perfect. It also comes in a Cherry Berry flavour which I cannot wait to try as I love love love cherry scented products. Yum!

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser

This lip moisturiser is full of shea butter, camphor and allantoin which are fabulous for conditioning, soothing and protecting those puckering lips. It has a slanted tip which is great for easy application whilst you are out and about and also contains an SPF on factor 10 which will really help to protect your lips from the sunshine.


This is the gentler of the three products in this post and all you do is gently massage a little of the cream into the lips to keep them refreshed and healthy. As with all of the Blistex products, they are so handy to pop in your handbag, pocket or even a purse for when you are out and about for total protection.

The Blistex range is available from most supermarkets and stores such as Superdrug and you can find out more information as well as viewing the full collection at

What’s your favourite cold-weather lip protection?


Kathryn xx

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo

First things first (I’m the realest haha), I’m sorry for being the worlds worst blogger, but Kat’s been keeping you up to date with the latest products she’s tried! I’ve now finished my diploma through work and can get back to doing what I love in my spare time – BLOGGING!

I’m afraid I’m starting off on a negative note though. I want to throw it out there that I love love love Herbal Essences. Whenever I try other shampoos I always end up going straight back to it because nothing comes close. I’ve used it for years, my friend Sadie once said if there was a smell that reminded her of university, it would be my Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends shampoo and conditioner. She also said it would be garlic, but that’s a whole other story involving her mistaking my instructions of using two cloves, and using two BULBS. The house stank for a week.

So when I was in Boots the other day and spotted the Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo in Ignite My Colour on an introductory offer of £1.99, I balanced the 17 other products in my hands (I purposely didn’t pick up a basket to deter me from spending a fortune) and slipped it under my arm.



I love Ignite My Colour and think it really does work on coloured hair. I currently have ombrè hair, darker at the roots and gradually fading to blonde tips, and it keeps the colours crisp and attempts (as much as my straightening addiction will allow) to keep it in good condition.

It smells just like the shampoos and conditioners which I love. I hate dry shampoos that smell chemically and I’m not a huge fan of the original Batiste, even though their newer scents are amazing.

However, the dry shampoo REALLY let me down. It didn’t make my hair feel clean or fresh in the slightest. In fact, I think it made it feel even worse. My hair felt sticky and chemically like I’d put an entire bottle of hairspray on my roots.

I’m going to give it another go, I’ve not given up all hope at the moment, purely because I love Herbal Essences as a brand and can’t quite come to terms with the let down of the product.

I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing when it goes to full price though – I’ve still yet to find a dry shampoo brand that tops Batiste!

Sorry Herbal Essences! Love, Emily x

Eau Thermale Avene Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Cream

This moisturising cream, which I have recently been trying out, has a gently creamy texture that provides ultimate skin comfort and immediate soothing benefits. With its original balance restored, the skin regains a softer, smoother, more supple feel and a radiant appearance and is perfect for those with sensitive skin, just like me.


I found that this cream didn’t dry my skin out and provided a really good moisture boost that was much needed. After my morning application I noticed that the cream provided me with enough hydration to ensure I wouldn’t need to reapply until the evening. Even though the formula is rich it still feels quite light to touch and sinks into the skin really easily and smoothly and there was no grease or oil left after application.


Another thing I was really pleased with was that my skin didn’t seem to break out whilst trying out this cream, which is something that happens every month just before my period. I read some reviews on the cream that said the scent was too strong, but I really didn’t find this at all and thought it quite nice, light and refreshing.

I would definitely recommend the Eau Thermale Avene Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Cream for those of you with dry, sensitive skin and I can’t wait to show you my other products from the Eau Thermale Avene range.

The Avene website is and you can pick up this gorgeous cream amongst many other fab skincare.


Kathryn xx