Collection Cosmetics Work The Colour Lip Butter Pencils

I love the recent lip crayon trend, and Collection Cosmetics have recently brought out their own range called Work The Colour Lip Butter Pencils. They are really pretty colours and the texture is super smooth and creamy when applied to the lips. I found that each shade goes on really easily and the pigment in each colour really stands out.


Shade 01 Popping Pink

pink heart

I tried out three of the four colours, including 01 Popping Pink, 02 Cappucino and 04 Perfect Plum. The other shade is 03 Vintage Rose and even though the collection is small, there is a colour suitable to everyone. Popping Pink is a gorgeous bright rose pink and probably my favourite shade for summer, Capuccino is more of a nude shade, perfect for everyday wear and Perfect Plum is a gorgeous purple colour that will be fabulous for autumn/winter.


Shade 02 Capuccino

cap smile

The Collection Cosmetics Work The Colour Lip Butter Pencils are available from stores such as Superdrug and Boots at just £2.99 each or Boots are currently doing an offer 2 for £5.


Shade 04 Perfect Plum

plum star

You can check out the full Collection Cosmetics range at



Kathryn xx


Latest In Beauty Hip & Healthy Summer Box


As you all may know by now, I love my beauty boxes and couldn’t wait to get my hands on Latest In Beauty’s Hip & Healthy Summer Box, as I have loved their one off boxes in the past. Here’s a peek inside.


James Read Sleep Mask Tan

This product combines skin beautifying ingredients with a touch of self-tan. The hydrating formula is infused with skincare essentials including Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Hyaluronic Acid and Red Algae, to moisturise and soothe the skin overnight. I haven’t tried James Read products before and so look forward to giving this a whirl.

 james read

Nourish Golden Glow Toning Body Shimmer

Infused with golden resins of Frankincense and Myrrh which, along with Neroli oil, impart a divine scent to this shimmer. It also tones and firms the skin as well as giving a natural sun-kissed radiance. I actually have a full size of this product and will be reviewing it on the blog soon so keep your eyes peeled.


Melvita Rose Extraordinary Water

This best-selling product is a facial toner, but also considered an all-round face-saver, especially in the summer. It is perfect for a refreshing lift during travelling, especially on aeroplanes. Another brand that is new to me.


Green People Sun Lotion SPF 15 with Tan Accelerator

Green People Sun Lotions are made with pure, great quality ingredients, perfect for those of you with sensitive skin. It is also created with Inositol, a natural ingredient that has proven to increase the speed of tanning. Protection and a quicker tan? Can’t say better than that!


Inner Me Daily 4 Me The Hectic Years 30+

This is actually another brand I am in the midst of trying out so it is great to get an extra top-up. Inner Me vitamins are formulated specifically for women, and this Daily 4 includes a range of carefully selected supplements, multivitamin and mineral tablets to cover all of those daily needs.

 inner me

MOA The Green Balm

This 100% organic super green balm is crammed with natural ingredients including Yarrow which is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities. This is fab for smothering on anything from sunburn to eczema and dry skin.


Dragonfly Tea

These teas are bursting with organic goodness, and great to achieve a flatter tummy. As I mentioned in a recent post I love trying out new teas and shall be trying them as soon as possible.


Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

Burt’s Bees lip balms are made from beeswax which conditions the skin and Vitamin E which is an antioxidant and great for moisturising. It also includes a touch of peppermint oil to give an added tingle to the lips. I have used these for years and really love the quality of Burt’s Bees products.


Ohso Good For You Chocolate

Chocolate that is good for you? Wait whilst I go order a boxful! This healthy de-bloating chocolate bar has been scientifically proven to be 3x more effective at delivering bacteria to your gut than dairy alternatives. With around a billion bacteria packed into each Belgian chocolate bar, this is the ultimate dairy treat.


Archiea Anti-Ageing Supplements

At fear of repeating myself, these are actually another product I have that I shall be reviewing on the blog and so I shall not reveal too much just yet. These supplements contain a range of key nutrients for anti-ageing performance and optimal hair, skin and nail health, whilst supporting the formation of collagen.

 archiea £20 Voucher

Salt offers everything from super-luxe swimwear, chic sunglasses and summer time shoes, to the latest must-have holiday accessories. I thought £20 was a really generous amount until I looked on their website and I can just about afford a friendship bracelet!


Nailberry Nail Polish in Groseille

These nail polishes are free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP and synthetic Camphor – basically any nasty ingredients. I received the shade Groseille which is a gorgeous fresh coral shade, perfect to match your tan!

 nail polish

At just £16.95 plus postage and packaging, this is a fab way of trying over £100 worth of healthy and organic products!


Have you ordered yours?



Kathryn xxx

RazorPit Bump Foam

Hair removal – waxing stings like hell, and shaving always leaves me with unsightly red bumps on my legs. What’s a girl to do! How about trying Razorpit Bump Foam. This shaving foam is different other shaving foams and gels as it promises to prevent razor burn, bumps and ingrown hairs, plus it contains no perfumes, parabens or colourants. It is suitable for all parts of the body, the face, legs, underarms and those intimate areas.


Bump Foam is much more runny in texture than regular shaving foam and is almost like the creamy lather you get from washing your hair, and I found that it spread really easily on my skin. I used my regular razor and the results were a really smooth shave and I had no ingrown hairs or nasty red bumps. Overall I was really impressed with this foam and its results and I think if you have problems with ingrown hairs and razor burn after shaving then it is definitely worth investing in.



Kathryn xx


Love Me Beauty Box July 2014

The thing I love most about Love Me Beauty Boxes is that even though you can only choose from a range of items, you still get to pick which box you would like. This month I chose Box 2 and here is what’s inside.


LASHEM Full-sized price £40

This is a miniature sample of their Lash Enhancing Serum. These kinds of serums nourish and condition the lashes, and the fortifying formula continues working long after application while the potent ingredients help your lashes to grow. I have tried a similar product to this in the past and I found that it really did work after about two weeks I noticed my lashes were thicker and longer, but with such a small sample I am not sure you would see results with this one.


OFRA Pressed Eye Shadow in Bliss £8.80

This is one of the colours from OFRA’s Diamonds Are Forever palette collection and it has a vibrant shimmer colour that makes blue eyes in particular sparkle. I really like the colour of this eyeshadow and the size is good too and therefore I think this product would last quite a while.


OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Hollywood £11.60

This creamy and soft liquid lipstick is moisturising on the lips and creates a long lasting effect. It contains antioxidants and Vitamin E with colour that will last in perfect condition for up to 5 hours. I love the shade of this Liquid Lipstick and despite it being called Hollywood, I think it is certainly more of an English Rose.


SO SUSAN Flutter Mascara £14.95

This mascara is new to the SO SUSAN range and is an intense carbon-black formula with hyaluronic spheres to help you achieve the blackest curviest lashes possible. When I opened the mascara I thought that the brush wouldn’t do all that much for me, as I really need lots of thickness with my mascara, but this product pleasantly surprised me.


SO SUSAN Dual Brow Powder £11.95

brows closed

Big brows are still doing their thing and so this is a fab product to try out. I normally use Benefit Browzings or HD Brows Palette and so this will be a great back-up for when they run out. The palette includes a little brush too so you can take this around in your handbag if you so wish.


The Teashed Teabags £3.50

I go through phases with tea, sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t, sometimes I like fruity tea, sometimes I prefer posh tea or a good cuppa Yorkshire Tea. Therefore I love getting teabags in these beauty boxes as they are often the posh kind and it gives me a chance to try something new. You get 20 4am Tea teabags, which is a white tea, naturally low in caffeine meaning that if you drink it at 4am you will still be able to sleep. It is also renowned for being great for the skin as it is full of anti-oxidants.


I am generally very impressed with my Love Me Beauty Box this month and will definitely be carrying my subscription over to August. Check the service out at



Kathryn xx

Helen E Cosmetics

I have been meaning to add this post for a while now, but I have been mega busy as you may be able to tell by some of my other posts. Helen E Cosmetics specialise in providing make-up artists for Red Carpet and VIP Celebrity events where their products have been used on both celebrities and models. I have often seen Helen E Cosmetics whilst browsing the beauty department of Debenhams and I can never say no to trying out beauty products I haven’t experienced before.


Stage Matte Mousse in Monroe £15

The Helen E Cosmetics Stage Matte Mousse covers imperfections and stays comfortable and shine free throughout the day. The texture is really smooth and I found that it covered my blemishes so well. I also discovered that the mousse lasted throughout the day and didn’t make my skin look greasy. The Stage Matte Mousse is available in three shades, Monroe for fair skin like myself, Loren for medium complexions with yellow undertones and Bardot for tanned to medium complexions with peach undertones.


Lip Crayon in Sherbet £8

The Helen E Lip Crayon is fab for giving a defined, matte look or to layer with a gloss for higher impact colour. This Lip Crayon defines your lip shape, gives a fuller look to the lips and helps prevent colour feathering or bleeding. There are 13 fabulous long-lasting shades to choose from. The colour I chose, Sherbet is a pretty, shimmery pale pink and felt really smooth on my lips.

 lipslip swatch

Intense Eye Shadow in Aqua Green £8

This gorgeous sea-foam green eyeshadow comes encased in a little compact with a slide out sponge applicator. The colour is a really intense but pretty green, and has a slight shimmer to it. I applied it with the sponge applicator and was able to build the product up depending on the look I was wanting. If you dampen the applicator you could also use the eyeshadow as an eyeliner, which looks really fabulous and striking for evening.


You can check out the Helen E Cosmetics range at



Kathryn xx


Better You Range

Recently I have had zero energy, I sometimes do get tired pretty easily, but I have had no get up and go in me at all and it’s really bumming me out. I also find it really difficult to sleep on a night even though I am super tired. I have since discovered that having the correct levels on Magnesium can treat insomnia, as well as being good at helping with anxiety and ageing of the skin. I decided to try out a couple of Magnesium products from the Better You range to see if this could help me in any way, shape or form.


Magnesium Oil Goodnight Spray

As suggested on the packaging, I tried this spray after taking a shower, spraying it on my arms and calves and it did sting a little, which means that you are deficient in Magnesium. Magnesium is so important for bodily functions including mood, sleep, calcium absorption, muscular relaxation and more. You can use this spray by adding it to your bath, using it during massage, for joint stiffness, muscle cramps and many more ailments. This Goodnight Spray contains calming essential oils which really help you to relax and get a better night’s sleep.


Magnesium Flakes are a really simple way to gain Magnesium – run a bath and drop in about one cup full of the flakes, wait for them to dissolve and then hop in and relax.

mag soal

It is recommended that you use the Magnesium Flakes in your bath around 1-2 times a week. I have been using these for a couple of weeks now and after just my first couple of Magnesium baths I instantly felt so much more relaxed. Whilst in the bath, you may experience a slight icy tingle, but this is rather pleasant and relaxing and I felt really peaceful. I definitely sleep a little better now, especially after my Magnesium baths.


Head over to to find out more and see the full range of products. The Magnesium Oil Goodnight Spray costs £12.20 and the Magnesium Flakes cost £9.95.



Kathryn xx

Hawaiian Tropic Sun Protection

Here in Yorkshire, the weather has been scorchio! I think 2014 is the year England finally got their summer back, and of course, as every good Beauty Blogger knows, sun protection is a key product when the sunshine is out. Therefore I wanted to tell you about my favourite sun care brand Hawaiian Tropic.

Hawaiian Tropic are a well-established sun care brand that have been around as long as I can remember and their range of SPF’s, lotions and sprays has grown immensely. First I wanted to tell you about the Protective Dry Spray Oil. A lot of people prefer to use oil, including my boyfriend James as it can tend to give you a darker colour. The Hawaiian Tropic Dry Spray Oil is enriched with luxurious coconut, and for those lucky enough to go abroad or have a hot tub in their back garden, it is also water resistant. Just one spritz of the oil reminds me of when we were in Egypt earlier this year, and makes me want to fly over to the Caribbean with a cocktail in hand.


Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection Sun Lotion Ultra Radiance

Again, this lotion has that amazing holiday scent, and I am finding it hard to think of what to write next as all I want to do is keep smelling the lotion! This is a cream based sun protection product and is extra moisturising for the skin, leaving it soft and radiant. I think it is really important to choose a product that is moisturising as the sun dries your skin out a ridiculous amount, and you WILL end up looking like Madge from Benidorm.


Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sun Lotion

Just to continue my coconut-scent obsession, this lotion does have a scent but it is not as strong as the Oil and the Satin Protection. This lotion has up to 12 hours of moisturisation, and features pretty ribbons of hydrating lotion throughout the cream. It helps to keep your skin luminous and well protected in the sunshine and is water resistant so you won’t have to keep re-applying everytime you get out of the pool.


So remember boys and girls, PLEASE make sure you keep protected in this glorious sunshine, no one wants to look like a crinkled 90 year old when they are 25!



Kathryn xx