Christmas Stocking Fillers


I personally am SO glad its that festive time of year. Much to my colleague’s annoyance, I have already been belting out Let It Snow and Jingle Bells, organising the Christmas work lunch, and also organising my work to take part in National Christmas Jumper Day, which is on Friday 13th December in aid of Save The Children.

This post is to give you some ideas for gifts this year. There are SO many sales on already, and such a choice of things to buy its making my head spin! So, here they are, some of our favourites…

Below, we have…

1: Anatomicals Face Masks – This pack is a set of three, in fun bright comical packaging, and at only £3 per pack, they are great to give the friend who’s definitely going to be suffering from a hang over on Christmas Day.

2: Manuka Doctor Rejuvenating Face Mask – Christmas is a very stressful time of year and there’s nothing better than layering on a luxurious face mask, laying in a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine. Heaven is cheap at £29.99 for 50ml.

3: Yankee Candles Samplers – £1.75 each. Surely EVERYONE loves Yankee Candles, and they come in such a variety of fragrances. I love to get the samplers as then I can try them all and decide which are my favourites. I have opted for seasonal fragrances – Sugared Apple, Home Sweet Home and Apple & Pine Needle.

4: Faith In Nature Skin Care Minis Pack – One of the things that suffers the most in winter is our skin, and this nifty little set (£12.99) includes a hand cream, an intensive moisturising cream and a replenishing moisturising cream, packaged in a fresh green gift bag.

5: Naisture Collagen Mask – These come in packs of 5 for £10 and are soooooooo refreshing and really give your skin a boost. perfect gift for teenage girls or stressed out Mums!


Next up we have a few party prep essentials…

1: Kiss Everlash MD Serum – I shall be doing a review on this soon. It is an innovative blend of peptides, nucleotides and vitamins to help lashes appear longer and healthier.

2: Barry M Glamour Puss Eye Shadow & Blush Palette – For only £6.49 you get seven sparkly eyeshadows, a gorgeous pink blusher and two double ended sponge applicators.

3: Primark Pink Hairbrush – At only £1, this is a must for every girl’s stocking. Gently tease it through the roots of your hair to give it an instant boost. Or carry on until you resemble Cher. Either or.

4: Paul Mitchell You Look Skinny Today Gift Set – If it’s multi-coloured and sparkly, it’s already won me over, but this gift looks amazing and is very practical too. Inside you receive a full size shampoo, conditioner and serum. £28 per set.


Nails and eyelashes are BIG business all year round, and so for this time of year, let’s go a little more sparkly, a little more daring and a whole lotta sexy….

1: Kiss Peacock Feather Nail Wraps – At £2.99 per pack, these are definitely a cheaper, but no less effective method than going to a salon and spending £30 on having Minx done.

2: Elegant Touch Purple Glitter Press On Nails – The glitter density on these nails is without doubt the best I have seen on press on nails before, it has different shades of lilacs, pinks and purples in to give it a 3D effect. £7.10 per pack.

3: imPRESS Stick On Nails – These require no glue, and have pre-glued sticky patches on, which all you need to do is peel the thin layer off, press on and off you go! Perfect for those last minute parties. I chose Over the Moon (£8.99) which is a pink and purple leopard effect.

4: House Of Holland Press On Nails in Polka Dot It – House of Holland’s nail range is definitely not for shy girls, its for girls who like it loud and proud. These amazing monochrome nails have 3D acrylic dots on them to give that ultimate wow factor. £9 per pack, and these are available in so much funky designs and patterns, definitely worth a look.

5: Kiss Haute Couture Double Pack Lashes – At a bargain price of £8.99 for a pack of TWO, not just ONE, TWO, these lashes are for those looking for a sexy, sultry effect. Wear these and you will definitely be puckering up under the mistletoe.

6: Elegant Touch Little Mix Perrie Press On Nails – Amongst young girls, Little Mix are big news! They have collaborated with Elegant Touch and each girl has brought out nails in her favourite design. I chose Perrie (maybe cos I think that if I have nails like her, I might also get engaged to a member of One Direction) and her design is a blue, purple, green glittered, starry, galaxy, night sky effect. Basically I cannot sum the actual design up, but however you want to describe the, they’re definitely glitzy. (£6)

7: Elegant Touch Envy Wraps Bling – As mentioned previously, nail wraps are so much cheaper to do in the comfort of your own home, and at £5 these are no exception. You do not need to be a nail technician to be able to apply these kinds of products you simply clean the base of the nail, ensure that it is dry, and rub over the wrap until it is nice and secure on your nail. As an extra tip, I find they are easier to work with if you heat each one up with a blast of the hairdryer before hand.


Gifts for the teens, or those young at heart (Emily 🙂 )

1: Handmade Gingerbread Family – My friend Amy Kershaw handmade these and I think they are just the cutest! Mummy Gingerbread with her apron on, Daddy Gingerbread with his bowtie on and Baby Gingerbread with a cute heart. I often think handmade gifts can be so much better than store bought gifts as you know someone has spent their own time and effort into making you something.

2: One Direction Book – This is the latest book from the boys. Myself and Emily change our minds every week on who is our favourite. At work we got Emily a One Direction mug as one of her birthday presents and I’m pretty sure that every couple of days it has turned round to a different boy. Anyway, you can snap this up for just £7 and young girls, and older ones will love flicking through the stunning pictures and learning more about this boy band phenomenon.
(Note from Emily: just to inform you, it’s Liam all the way at the minute! When did he get so hot?!)

3: Lipsmacker Lip Balm – My love affair with Lipsmacker started when I first went to Florida in 1999. They were in all the drugstores over there and came in a variety of flavours, themes and colours. The latest theme they have produced is a Disney theme – who doesn’t love Disney right? This particular Lipsmacker has Daisy Duck on and has a pretty sweet smell. Lipsmackers are great lip balms, and as well as looking pretty and smelling pretty, they leave lips soft and protected. Again, a perfect cheaper priced stocking filler.

4: Anatomicals Snog Me Senseless Mints – This super cute tin of mints will keep your breath fresh for when that mistletoe is lurking around, or in my case on the top of my head boppers ready to pounce into action at any time. A cute, fun and well priced gift at just £1.55.

5: booRah Purple Watch – We had this sent for my Goddaughter Willow to try out. She has been nattering on for ages that she would like a watch, and luckily purple is one of her favourite colours too. This watch is priced at £20 and is available in a range of boy and girl friendly colours. It comes in its own special case and the sizing is great as it will fit a tiny wrist and will still fit as the child grows, with a generous fit.


Ready-Made Gift Bags are great for those last minute presents, or for keeping stock of in case you get that dreaded moment when someone brings you a present and you didn’t realise you were exchanging gifts…

1: L’Occitane My Little Spa – At £18 this isn’t the cheapest of miniature sets but L’Occitane is a very well known brand in the skincare world and for a little bit of luxury this is perfect. This kit includes, Aroma Repairing Shampoo 75ml, Aroma Repairing Conditioner 75ml, Lavender Foaming Bath 100ml, Lavender Fizzy Bath Pebble 50g, Shea Butter Hand Cream 10ml and Shea Butter Foot Cream, all presented in a pretty waterproof cosmetic bag. Perfect for those who travel a lot, or for introducing someone to the brand.

2: Dove Cherish Gift Set – This gift set is priced lower than the L’Occitane one at just £6, but Dove is also a brand that everyone recognises for softness and reliability. Included in this set is, Go Fresh Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena Anti-Perspirant 35ml, Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash in Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla 55ml, Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Lotion in Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla 50ml and a shower lily, all encased in a shimmering gold and cream make up bag. If you hurry, the Dove gift sets are 3 for 2 in many supermarkets and chemists at the moment.


Getting Ready To Party….Gifts for ourselves perhaps – just in time to look your best for those glam Christmas parties.

1: Nails Inc Nail Polish – The shade name is The Boltons and to be honest I don’t have a clue why….Anyhoo, it is a deep, rich, metallic red, very festive and perfect for this time of year. It can be worn alone or with a glitter top coat. I am definitely going to give this a whirl with the Nails Inc Snowflake top coat. I think this look will match my outfit for National Christmas Jumper Day really well. Nails Inc polishes are a little more than average priced at £11, but the effects and longevity are definitely worth it.

2: Fake Bake Tinted Body Glow – Surely no one wants a tangerine glow at this time of year, and so Fake Bake have produced this tinted body glow, which gives a healthy looking sheen to the skin, and is perfect for last minute applications. At £6, this luxury branded product is well worth the dosh.

3: Fake Bake Face Polish – As mentioned previously, this harsh cold weather really takes its toll on our skin and this product works as a great exfoliator to remove dead skin cells, leaving the way for the new skin cells to grow. Which, in turn will leave you with a healthy glow, rather than a red nosed, red cheeked flushed mess. (£8)

4: Body Shop The Sparkler – This is such a pretty product for any bedroom, with it’s vintage style bottle. The colour I chose is Boudoir Pink, a pale pink (obviously) silvery shimmer. This can be used all over, wherever you want an added bit of glitz and glamour, or literally all over if you would like to resemble a disco ball. Some shimmer and glitter powders rarely stay on the skin, but this one really lasts the night. A little pricey at £15, but as with most glitters/shimmers, a little goes a long way.

5: St Tropez instant Tan – Another last minute self tanning product, and again with a reliable, well known name. St Tropez has been around for years and has continued to be one of the top selling self tanning agents around. You can’t argue with popularity and longevity. If it’s good enough for Victoria Beckham, then layer it on me! £10 a tube.

6: Lipcote – This is THE original lip sealer, your mum probably had one of these, and probably your nanna too. It is one of THE British beauty classics and with over 100 uses per bottle at £3.69, it is an extremely tiny amount of cost per use. (Sorry, it is late and I am not working that one out without the use of a calculator). Keep your lips looking kissable with this lipstick sealer which gives staying power, even when the rest of you was ready for home about an hour ago.


And finally, a few other bits and pieces to fill out those stockings…

1: New Look Large Clutch Bag (£19.99)- Every girl needs a clutch bag, and there are some beautiful tiny ones out there but unfortunately they won’t even fit an iphone in them…us girls come with a lot of baggage these days and this on trend clutch bag will fit the lot in, cigarettes, smart phone, money, cards, keys, chewing gum, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, bobble, brush, lollipops, the cat, the kitchen sink, the LOT. It also looks good down your side in photos if you forget your control pants!

2: Paperchase London Sticky Notes Set – Emily and I LOVE stationery….and we LOVE Paperchase and so this is a combination of the two, making it utter perfection. Perfect for those who are forgetful, or those who work in an office or for those studying for exams. Approximately £5. Many other styles and designs available.

3: Floral Notebook – This beautiful floral notebook has pink tiny roses on and is perfect for carrying about in your handbag to jot down shopping lists, or to do lists, or even boys numbers.

4: Paperchase Compact Floral Diary – There are so many BEAUTIFULLY AMAZINGLY PERFECT PRETTIFUL diaries at Paperchase, I simply refuse to go elsewhere. Everyone needs (or should need) a diary, and Paperchase make practicality pretty with this cute floral diary at just £4.50.


We know there are so many great deals out there, please let us know if you find an extra special one, and also if you have any fab stocking filler ideas to share with us.

Festive Love

Kathryn and Emily x x x


Sleep In Rollers

We were recently sent a set of Sleep In Rollers, which are PERFECT for any upcoming Christmas party or for New Year’s Eve! I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get this online, a few of you may have seen on our Twitter how excited we were about them and I’ve been super busy so have only just got around to completing the blog post!


For a while now, I’ve been looking up different brands and reviews to find the best ones to use. Although I have naturally horrific curly hair, the larger sleek curled look is something I always struggle to achieve.

The Sleep In Rollers are a god send as you don’t have to sit around for hours waiting for your hair to set, or have to be seen in public wearing them. You simply stick them in before bed then sleep on them.

I did think that these would be extremely uncomfortable, but they weren’t as bad as you would imagine. I did wake up a few times due to discomfort, but i sleep on my front meaning I could angle the pillow around my head. They’re also soft so you don’t have hard bits of metal sticking in your head.

Now, I don’t think I used mine quite right the first time round, as although I had more volume, the curls weren’t the best. I think you need to use them a good couple of times to really get the nack for them!

How to Use:

•Section your hair into parts, equal side sections and then one section through the centre

•Begin with the middle section, starting with the front and take about a 2cm width section and begin to curl around the roller from the end upwards to the root. Secure the section with a clip. (Clips do come with the packet but any bobby pin will do.)

•Continue this for the whole front section then both side parted sections from top to bottom. of the parted sections, and again for the back of the hair. The back is the most difficult so i got a friend to help me out.

•Leave curlers in overnight.

•Remove grips and rollers starting from the bottom. Twist the curl around your finger to put it in place then spray with hairspray- My favourites at the minute are VO5 and Umberto Giannini Backcomb spray.


We got ours sent from Sleep In Rollers at The ultra girly and glamorous glitter rollers that we have are £29.99, which is the gift set including a durable carrier bag. The bag is currently housing all my blog products and is so handy!


Celebrities also love Sleep In Rollers, with stars such as Chloe Sims, Lydia Bright and Jess Wright amongst the fans!

They’re perfect for your Christmas party or as a gift!

Zandra Rhodes Quilt Covers

For those of you who follow us on Twitter, (@thekatspaws1 if you don’t) you may have seen that we were excited about some bed linen we were sent from Zandra Rhodes.


Having been in the industry for years, the eccentric English fashion designer creates the most iconic, dramatic, extrovert and glamorous prints. The bed linen we were lucky enough to have been sent did not disappoint. Being one of the new wave British designers who put a London at the forefront of the international fashion scene in the 1970s, she has designed for the likes of Diana Princess of Wales and Freddie Mercury.


Since then, she’s branched out into bed linen, accessories, jewellery, phone cases- you name it, you can probably get a Zandra Rhodes design on it. The iconic face and eccentric appearance has also featured on Absolutely Fabulous, Project Catwalk and she’s even the founder of the Fashion and Textile Museum in London.

Now, there are two types of people in the world- those who love the crisp feeling of brand new bedding straight out of the product, and those who have to wash and iron it before putting it on their bed. Obviously, as always, myself and Kathryn have the two different views.

We were sent two sets of bedding for our rooms, and here’s our personal review of which one we chose (which was also an easy decision- it’s great running a blog together when you have different tastes!)

Emily chose:

The floral bed cover featured a crisp white background, which contrasted the bright colours featured in the print. The colour scheme in my room is a berry pink and cream, the berry colour not dissimilar to that featured in the pattern, so Anoushka was an easy choice to pick- and it looked great when it was on my bed.


The print features bright like green, deep pink, sky blue and orange, making it easy to fit into a variety of bedroom colour schemes.

I have always loved the crispness of a brand new bed sheet, so decided not to wash my bedding before putting it on. The polyester cotton blend was soft and you could feel he quality of this product.

The Zandra Rhodes name embossed on the pattern gave it a luxurious look, but the boldness of the print I thought gave away who the designer was- it was nice to not have Primark/ supermarket bed covers on though!

Overall I absolutely love this bedding. I’d usually go for a smaller floral ditsy print, in softer shades of pinks and spring greens, but this was a refreshing change! I’d definitely get a bolder pattern again in the future.

I haven’t washed the bedding yet, but I already sense that the colours definitely won’t run out of it. I will let you know soon though, as I’ve got fake tan on it already… Being a girl is so hard sometimes!

Kathryn chose:


This morning, I was extremely excited to follow the news on Hull’s bid for City Of Culture 2017- and my home town only went and won it!!!

There are celebrations all around the city today. Just think, a few years back we were named the worst place to live in the UK, and now look at us!

Congratulations to every single person who worked on our bid, you’ve done the whole city proud.

And congratulations to everyone who was born in Hull, has lived in Hull and worked in Hull. We’re finally getting the recognition we deserve- Hull is not so bad after all, eh 🙂


Lotil Moisturiser

Recently, we’ve been inundated with samples to test on almost every part of the body! Just last night I tried out four different moisturisers at once- one on each limb! So when our friend and colleague Holly McKenzie offered to test something out (she just wanted a freebie we reckon) we let her try out the Lotil moisturiser…

Here’s a snap of Hol!


Christmas is fast approaching – my favourite time of year. I love everything about the festive season – the fairy lights that illuminate our high streets, the smell of mulled wine, eating an entire tin of Quality Street and sitting down with the whole family to gorge on roast turkey and all the trimmings. It is utter bliss.

The one downside of December 25th fast approaching is the rapid change in weather, from the mild crispness of Autumn to the bitter chill of winter, which brings with it a misfortune most girls will deal with year in and year out – dry skin.

Having the central heating on is an inevitability of winter, but it has a horrible habit of drying out your skin. I suffer with dry upper arms particularly, so when Lotil offered us a sample of their moisturiser to try I jumped at the chance. With 100 years in the industry, they must know what they’re doing, right?

I started using the cream straight away, and noticed results almost instantly. Where once I has dry, red patches I all of a sudden had skin that was smooth to touch. The cream is so rich that even just a small amount has a really noticable effect so in addition working perfectly it is also great value for money, as the 50ml tube will last ages! The one small downside was the smell, which is slightly more medicinal than I would like – but I got over that pretty quickly, as the softness of my skin was more than a fair trade off! It offered absolutely perfect results.

I am thrilled with how well Lotil worked, and more than that I am now very excited at the prospect of having my arms out in strapless dresses at this year’s Christmas celebrations, without worrying about dry skin.

Bring on the parties!


Lotil moisturiser is available from independent pharmacists at a bargain price of £3.08

Kat’s Weekly Paw Prints #2

Good Evening Lovelies and welcome to my second edition of Kat’s Weekly Paw Prints. I loved last week’s polish choice but I have spent the last two days filing, wiping and picking it off. It was like cement! So that might be the only negative I have from last week as other than that the polish didn’t chip once. 

Tonight I decided to stay away from the cement-like glitter polishes and go with something plain but rich in colour. I chose Yves Saint Laurent in shade number 13 Parme Graffiti. Not sure what that means in English though. 

The other products I used included OPI Start to Finish Base and Top Coat, Nails Inc Gel Effect Plumping Top Coat and finished off with a couple of spritzes of Elegant Touch Rapid Dry For Nails. I recently got this in my monthly Glossybox and wasn’t all that excited about it if I’m honest, as I have tried nail drying solutions before (I am quite impatient when waiting for my nails to dry), and they either seem to mess up the finish of the polish or don’t dry them any quicker than if I had slapped some emulsion paint on my nails. BUT this is now my absolute FAVOURITE nail product!!!!! It actually DOES the job it says it does on the tin! “Dries nail polish in 60 sec” and YES YES YES it does! Neither did it affect the final finish of the nail polish, and with the Nails Inc Gel Effect Plumping Top Coat, it does sometimes tend to be quite sticky and tacky for a while afterwards but I didn’t get any of that with this product.



I love my new glossy, plumped up, shiny purple nails! I always think of purple as quite a royal colour, but this particular shade reminds me of what Americans would call a grape colour. Either way I love it! And I shall definitely be using my Elegant Touch Rapid Dry spray again and again, although obviously as I have only just discovered it, I cannot let you guys know how long one can lasts. Check the finished colour out here….



I bought my YSL La Laque Couture nail polish from Debenhams for £18, but there are many other department stores that sell YSL cosmetics. The Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray is priced at £3.05 from places such as Boots, Amazon etc.

Let me know how you get on if you purchase any of these products 🙂


A plumped-up Kathryn xx



Happy Birthday Emily!


Hope you can all join me in wishing Emily a very happy 23rd birthday. She does a great job on this blog and I’m glad we can work together as well as being friends. Hope you enjoy your day and gets lots of lovely presents xxxx