The Me-Time Tag

I have found another one of these Tag posts and I really enjoy doing them as it helps my lovely followers to learn more about me and I also love reading them on others’ blogs. Me-time is really important to me, as I have spent so much time on my own most of my life, being an only-child and losing my Mum at 17. Therefore I am used to having my own space and now living with my boyfriend James, I like to make sure I have a little me-time so that I don’t have a freak-out every now and then haha!

  1. What do you like to watch or read during me-time?

With regards to films, I love girly films like The Princess Diaries, Cinderella, Clueless and then the Eighties Tom Cruise film Cocktail. Basically just films that remind me of when I was younger, they always seem to cheer me up. Book-wise I do read quite a lot anyway, and so it is usually just whichever book I am currently reading, it tends to be chick lit.

  1. What do you wear during me-time?
    Pyjamas all the way! If I am feeling cold, it will be pyjamas, slippers, and a cardigan or hoody, all topped off with a blanket or throw which I then tend to drag along with me to the kitchen in search of snacks.
  2. What are your favourite me-time beauty products?
    I run myself a lovely hot bath, pop a bath bomb or melt in there, tie my hair back and just soak until the water runs cold, although I then do fill it up with more hot water – just don’t tell my boyfriend James that haha! (He says I have too many baths/use too much water as it is!) I tend to take more care with my skin during me-time and so I will get my Magnitone out, and give me skin a good scrub, and use my Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed face mask, which is really warming on the skin.
  3. Current favourite nail polish?

Hmmmmmm I don’t paint my nails have as much as I would love to, and at the moment I like pastel colours, even though it is winter now! But I do have a lovely mustard-coloured Barry M Gelly nail polish.

  1. What do you eat or drink during me-time?

Anything I can find! I do like to whip myself up a hot chocolate, with squirty cream and marshmallows though and I will probably eat more sweet things than savoury during me-time as it is often when I am surfing the crimson wave.

  1. Current favourite candle?

I got a Stoneglow Winter candle from Love Aroma and it smells soooo amazing. It is such a Christmassy scent and it looks pretty too as it has the appearance of snow, with lots of sparkly glitter on the top.

  1. Do you ever have outdoor me-time?

Basically NO hahaha. Certainly not in Winter anyway, I hate the cold weather!

  1. Would you ever go and watch a film alone?

No, films don’t bother me that much anyway, and we do watch quite a lot of films at home as James is a bit of a film buff! I think the cinema is so expensive nowadays and so if I was to go it would be as a trip out with James or a friend.

  1. Favourite online shop?
    At the moment I love browsing as there are so many great offers at this time of the year and I cannot wait until this weekend as there will be lots of Black Friday offers – bank card at the ready! I am hoping to get the Jack Wills duffel bag set and the Best of Benefit set in particular. 
  2. Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?

I love a little snooze, my Dad used to call my horizontal Annie as I just tend to relax a lot of the time, well as much as possible. I will catch up on Twitter and Facebook, play my mindless games on my iPhone, flick through magazines and have cuddles with my kitten Millie.


Hope you’ve enjoyed my answers! If you want to also do the tag just copy & paste the questions below to your own blog. 


Kathryn xx 



  1. What do you like to watch or read during me-time?
    2. What do you wear during me-time?
  2. What are your favourite me-time beauty products?
    4. Current favourite nail polish?
  3. What do you eat or drink during me-time?
    6. Current favourite candle?
  4. Do you ever have outdoor me-time?
    8. Would you ever go and watch a film alone? 9. Favourite online shop?
    10. Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?




Kat’s Cats…

I wanted to do a little post about my cats, I know it isn’t beauty or food related but I like to include other things in my blog from time-to-time to mix things up a little.

I must admit I was never really a cat fan in all honesty – until my friend got a kitten and it was sooooooo cute! At home, Dad had started staying at his friends and I felt a bit lonely to be honest and so Dad agreed to letting me get a kitten. I looked on the local RSPCA website and they had some kittens up for adoption and so we went through and chose little Daisy-May. She was gorgeous and I fell in love with her as soon as we brought her home. Daisy is now 7 and we treat her like she’s an actual child rather than a cat, both my Dad and I totally spoil her, and as I recently moved to Lincolnshire to live with my boyfriend James, I miss her terribly. Although I do try to go home twice a month and so when I do go home, Daisy loves it and spends her time laying on me so I can’t move. I decided not to move Daisy to Lincolnshire from Yorkshire as I really didn’t think it was fair to her after 7 years of living in the same house and leaving my Dad and so Daisy stays at home in Yorkshire with my Dad, who loves her to pieces.



As mentioned I have moved to Lincolnshire and I miss Daisy like crazy, and so recently James suggested we get a kitten – I didn’t leave him chance to change his mind and we chose Millie-May. I wanted to call her Ruby but James hates the name so we settled on Millie and I added the May but so she is like her big sister Daisy-May. Millie is three months old and super cute, (Daisy is and will always be my number one but Millie is definitely my number 1a haha), and loves playing with her toys, eating and sleeping – we are definitely quite alike! Her current favourite toys are a little laser pen ( which is also one of Daisy’s favourite toys, although we try not to let either Daisy or Millie play with them too long as it sends them both a bit wappy after a while! Millie also loves some little glittery tennis balls ( we got from (where we also got the laser pen) but I think Daisy is past the stage of playing with jingly balls now, but she does love the laser pen.



With regards to food, Millie loves Whiskas Kitten food and James buys her the kitten milk as a treat but she will practically eat anything, she is certainly not fussy, whereas Daisy has a more refined taste and loves tins of tuna and slices of butcher’s ham! She has also been trying some other kinds of food which we also got from which are Canagan Dry Cat Food (, Almo Nature Cat Pouches ( and for a treat we give her Nature’s Menu Cat Treats ( The Almo and Canagan food are fab for giving cats everything they need nutrionally and Daisy loves this food, she never leaves a single morsal, which is good as then we know she will keep healthy inside and out.


With regards to treats, you simply have to slightly rattle a bag or tub of treats and Daisy comes running, and she absolutely loves the Nature’s Menu treats, but we only give her them in moderation as although they are healthy treats, they are still treats. Millie on the other hand has yet to learn the sounds of the treat bags and boxes and doesn’t have a clue until you pop one under her nose.


I love love love cats and Daisy has been there for me when I have been sad, upset, happy or angry and even though I don’t live with her anymore she still has my heart, and as for Millie I can’t wait to take her on her journey of becoming a full-sized cat.

Do you have a cat or are you a dog person?

You can get Millie and Daisy’s treats and toys at


Kathryn xx


Galibardy Robot Bambi Necklace

Galibardy is a progressive, alternative, online statement jewellery boutique/label based in London. I recently discovered the brand whilst reading another Beauty Bloggers website and thought that the Robot Bambi Necklace was an absolute must-have – super cute but bang on trend too.


The necklace comes in black or white high-gloss enamel with a gold-coloured chain, which has a drop of 39cm, which is a really generous sizing and looks great over dresses and blouses.

The pendant itself is 3cm by 5cm and feels really heavy, although more a quality weight than a weight which would pull you over every time you wore it. I myself went for the black as I thought this would be great for Autumn/Winter but if it is still in stock in Summer, I may have to treat myself to the white version.


The Galibardy Robot Bambi Necklace costs just £21 and is available, with soooo many other amazing statement jewellery at and if you enter the code 25katspaws you will get an amazing 25% discount!

Which piece would you choose?


Kathryn xx

FRONTLINE Guide To Pet Ownership & Competition





Launching the Love Your Pet campaign, FRONTLINE® Spot On, the leading tick and flea preventative, wants to reward animal lovers who don’t just love their pet, but go out of their way to give them the best care possible.

Celebrity Vet Joe Inglis and a panel of vet experts will be judging a competition to find the UK’s Most Dedicated Pet Owner. Joe gave us his fundamental tips to pet ownership…



1. Plenty of exercise

Taking your dog for a walk, or playing with the cat is not only great fun, it’s also a vital part of looking after them properly. Dogs usually benefit from at least two walks a day – more if you have the energy – and take as much time as you can to play with the cat!

2. Fresh Water

All pets need plenty of fresh water, particularly if they are on a dry diet, so make sure you give them a new bowl full every day and top it up if it gets low. Some cats don’t like a tap water because of the taste of chlorine so if your cat doesn’t seem to be drinking from their bowl, try collecting rainwater for them to drink, or give them bottled water.

Eating well is just as important for pets as it is for people, so make sure you feed your animals a healthy and appropriate diet. There are many different ways types of feed, from complete dry foods to raw meat, but whichever you choose, make sure you do your research and feed them the best quality your budget can accommodate.

And don’t forget that cats are obligate carnivores which means they have to eat meat and can’t survive on a vegetarian diet!

3. Grooming

Grooming is not only important for keeping your pet’s coat in tip-top condition, it is also an excellent way of checking your pet over from nose to tail on a regular basis. Anything unusual, such as a lump, swelling or patch of sore skin will be easily spotted and enable you to get some veterinary advice as soon as possible.

4. Flea Control

Fleas may be small but they can certainly cause big problems, with flea allergy dermatitis being one of the most common causes of skin disease in our pets. Common symptoms of flea infestations include itching and scratching, obvious sore patches on the skin, fur loss and saliva staining, especially around the tail base.

To check if your pet has fleas, take a sheet of white paper, and use a fine comb to go through your pet’s fur, especially along their back. Comb onto the piece of paper, and collect whatever comes out of the coat. If you find lots of tiny black specs, this could be flea dirt. To check, dab the specs with a piece of wet cotton wool. If it is flea dirt, the cotton wool will get stained red thanks to the blood in the dirt.

To keep your pet protected from fleas use regular spot-on treatments such as FRONTLINE Spot On and make sure you treat all the pets in the house. Make sure you keep up flea control throughout the year as fleas can breed all year round in centrally heated houses.

5. Keep your pet safe

Thousands of pets are lost and stolen every year, many never returning to their homes. To help reduce the risks of your pet going missing and not returning, make sure they are micro-chipped to permanently identify them. These tiny chips, which are around the size of a grain of rice, are implanted using a needle by your vet. Every chip contains a unique number, which identifies your pet when read using a scanner – so if they are ever lost and taken to a vet or rescue centre, they can be easily reunited with you!


To be crowned the UK’s Most Dedicated Pet Owner, simply follow these steps:

  1. Like FRONTLINE’s new facebook page:
  2. Upload a special photo of you and your pet that shows just how much you love your furry friend, along with a short description on why you deserve to win this coveted title
  3. Share your entries with your friends and family and encourage them to enter too!

You can also check out the launch video at


FRONTLINE® Spot On is readily available through a variety of retail outlets including pharmacies, pets stores and online pharmacies as well as veterinary clinics. For your nearest retailer please visit: For advice on prescription-only veterinary medicines for tick and flea control, speak to your vet about the most suitable products.

FRONTLINE® Spot On contains fipronil. Legal category: NFA-VPS. Merial Animal Health Ltd CM19 5TG. Use medicines responsibly –