There are so many organic products around at the moment which is so refreshing as you can use fabulous products with peace of mind. I recently tried a few products from a brand called Organii and wanted to share my thoughts on them with you…

Organii Shea Butter Shower Gel £5.95 for 300ml


Firstly the scent of this shower gel is gorgeous, but then I do love shea butter products anyway and so I was bound to love this. As pretty as the fragrance is, it is still quite delicate at the same time without being too strong. It has been dermatologically tested on voluntary humans, and has no way been involved with any animals, which is another factor to give you peace of mind. This shower gel is so gentle that you can even use it on your hair, which can speed up those early mornings and get you out of the door quicker. Personally, I love a little extra sleep in a morning and so this is perfect for me. The lather of the shower gel is lovely and soothing and really relaxes you, helping to keep your skin cleansed and soft.

Organii Lavender Liquid Soap £4.45 for 330ml


For a liquid soap, the price may seem slightly more expensive than supermarket brands, but this product contains organic olive oil, which is amazing for the skin. It contains pure essential oils with give the most fresh, invigorating lavender scent. I have tried a lavender hand wash from a much more expensive brand, and this is definitely the better smelling one, as well as leaving your skin luxuriously soft and smooth. As it is a mild liquid soap, it is also suitable to use on your skin in the shower, which again as a multi-use product, it is perfect for those in a rush.

Organii Organic Cotton Plasters £5.95 for 50


I am pretty darn clumsy, in fact most pictures of me as a child on holiday I am there with plasters across my knees, or an arm in a sling. Even now I always have a stock of plasters, especially when I am trying out new shoes – blister alert! Eurgh! The only problem I have with plasters is that I hate pulling them off the skin afterwards, I always have to get someone to do it for me, as I am a bit of a chicken. Organii Organic Cotton Plasters are full of goodness;

·         Dermatologically tested

·         Absorbing organic-gauze pad to protect the wound

·         Organic cotton backing

·         No PVC

In each pack there is a variety of sizes and they feel so much more comfortable and cooling than regular plasters. Now here is the winner for me, as they are made from organic cotton, they actually do NOT hurt when I pull them off!

Have you tried any organic skincare?


Kathryn xx



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