RITUALS Herbal Tea and Car Perfume

Some of you may have heard of RITUALS, it is a skincare, shower and bath product range, which produce some absolutely gorgeous scents. I have tried a few of their shower foams before and the smell insanely beautiful, therefore when I saw that they were bringing out a range totally different to their current collection, I was pretty darn excited to see what there would be!


RITUALS Emperor’s Dream Tea Bags (£4.50 for 20 tea bags)

I must admit I never thought I would have associated Tea Bags with RITUALS but after thinking about it, there’s nothing more I love than a relaxing bath, with a cup of herbal tea by my side.


Emperor’s Dream tea bags are a relaxing herbal melange of Licorice and Staranise and are in really pretty (if tea-bags can be pretty!) pyramid gossamer-looking fabric. You simply boil up some water, pour into your favourite cup, pop in a tea bag, leave to brew for around five minutes and then sit back, relax and enjoy.


RITUALS Car Perfume (£10)

I love having pretty-smelling air fresheners in my car, but they never seem to last very long unfortunately. RITUALS have brought out their own version of the car air freshener, but a much ‘posher’ version – a car perfume.


This is by far the fanciest car air freshener I have ever seen and is a gorgeous wooden-effect strip that you pop into your air vents. It looks so much more natural and classier than the regular air fresheners and it is scented with fresh eucalyptus and rosemary.


The fragrance is really invigorating and refreshing and it lasts such a long time, in fact mine hasn’t even run out yet and so even though the price of this car perfume is rather higher than regular ones, the quality more than makes up for it.


You can check out the RITUALS collections at www.rituals.com

What other skincare brands would you like to see do similar products?


Kathryn xx


St Ives Skincare

I have used St Ives face scrub for as long as I can remember and it is one of my favourite high-street branded skincare ranges. In the past few years the collection has really grown and has so many more different products than the company originally started with. Following on with my Autumn/Winter care themed posts, I wanted to tell you all about two of my favourite St Ives products.

St Ives Gentle Apricot Facial Scrub (£4.29)

This is definitely one of the collection’s hero products and it is in face the UK’s No 1 Scrub brand – you certainly cannot argue with that. For the colder months I opt for the dry/sensitive skin option to give an extra boost to my skin. The formula is, as mentioned, suitable for sensitive skin and so it has an extra mild formula which gently exfoliates dull surface cells to promote smooth, radiant skin.


Another little ingredients fact for those of you who like to know what you are putting on your skin, is that this scrub contains more than 95% of naturally derived ingredients, including Swiss glacial water and Swiss botanicals. This scrub is gentle enough to be used everyday but I tend to use it around 3 times a week as I feel that that suits my skin the most. To use, simply moisten the face and neck area, and gently massage onto the skin, avoiding the eyes and then rinse really well. I noticed that my skin felt and looked much smoother and more radiant.


St Ives Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes (£3.05)

As a general beauty rule I do try not to use wipes but there are those days when I really cannot be bothered to do a full skincare routine of cleanse, tone and moisturise and so I do keep a packet of these wipes in my bathroom cabinet for those moments so that I am removing my makeup, even if it is not the full rigmarole.


The St Ives Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes are perfect for dry and sensitive skin and cleanse, tone and moisturise the face and neck area, removing makeup and even waterproof mascara – which I am sure you will all agree with me is a feat in itself! The wipes are alcohol-free and are made with a natural chamomile extract to really soothe the skin and provide plenty of hdydration. Another point to mention is that I wear contact lenses everyday and these wipes have not caused me any irritation or problems.

You can check out the St Ives collection at www.stivesbeauty.co.uk which also has product stockists.

Have you tried the infamous St Ives apricot scrub?


Kathryn xx


Okay so my next Autumn/Winter post is lipcare! No one wants to be kissing dry chapped lips and so to keep your lips in tip top condition, I recommend the following products from Blistex.


Blistex Relief Cream

I recently tried this as my immune system was a little low and the corners of my mouth kept cracking, and so everytime I tried to open my mouth to talk, the skin cracked again, and I am sorry but I find it ridiculously hard not to talk for longer than 10 minutes. It is a light cream that you massage into the lips or the corners of the mouth and is medicated to soothe cold sores.


I noticed within a maximum of two days that my mouth and lips felt so much better and the cracking had disappeared so I would definitely get this product if you are experiencing this kind of problem or also to have as a medicine cabinet staple during these cold, harsh months.

Blistex MedPlus

This is a cute little pot of soothing goodness! I use this as an everyday lip balm during Autumn and Winter as it contains jojoba oil and cocoa butter to condition and smoothe the lips as well as menthol which really cools the lips down – and yes it does tingle slightly at first, but I like that as it shows it is working.


It is also important to keep the lips protected during the sunshine in the colder months as this can also dry out the lips and the MedPlus contains an SPF of factor 15 which is perfect. It also comes in a Cherry Berry flavour which I cannot wait to try as I love love love cherry scented products. Yum!

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser

This lip moisturiser is full of shea butter, camphor and allantoin which are fabulous for conditioning, soothing and protecting those puckering lips. It has a slanted tip which is great for easy application whilst you are out and about and also contains an SPF on factor 10 which will really help to protect your lips from the sunshine.


This is the gentler of the three products in this post and all you do is gently massage a little of the cream into the lips to keep them refreshed and healthy. As with all of the Blistex products, they are so handy to pop in your handbag, pocket or even a purse for when you are out and about for total protection.

The Blistex range is available from most supermarkets and stores such as Superdrug and you can find out more information as well as viewing the full collection at www.blistex.co.uk

What’s your favourite cold-weather lip protection?


Kathryn xx

Clarins Autumn Make-Up Looks

As I am sure you are all well aware by now, I love Clarins’ cosmetics range and their new Autumn range is absolutely stunning and the colours are perfect transitional pieces from summer to autumn.


I am going to show you a few of my favourites and a couple of different looks you can achieve.

Firstly are the Ombre Matte Cream to Shadow Eyeshadows (£19 each). These are innovative cream-to-powder formula eyeshadows that gives the comfortable and smoothing effect of a cream shadow but with the quality and hold of a powder. I found them really easy to use, I simply popped a little of the powder onto an eyeshadow brush and gently built up the colour on my lids. They have a pretty pigment in them but they also give a matte effect which I found perfect for the upcoming seasons.



Next up is the Perfect Eyes and Brows Palette (£35) – We are all aware of how big eyebrows are at the moment and Clarins have released their version of the ultimate brow kit. The palette itself is a good size, with a mirror inside and it even has miniature tools including tweezers, an applicator and a brow brush. Inside the palette is everything you need to achieve a gorgeous natural brow look and this is definitely one of my favourite Clarins products. I only did one eyebrow to show you the difference as I have naturally thin eyebrows.



For my face base I used the Clarins True Radiance Foundation (£27). This is a fine, fluid texture that glides sooo smoothly onto the skin, diminishing imperfections and providing the skin with radiance and hydration. A fab ‘winter protection’ aspect to this foundation is that is includes the Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex which has extracts of white tea and succory dock-cress which helps to protect the skin against pollution and free radicals. My foundation colour is 105 Nude, which is perfect for my fair skin.

To finish off the look I added a pop of colour from the Rouge Eclat lipstick range (£19.50 each). I chose shades Candy Rose and Pink Magnolia which are both pretty neutral pinks. I found that the colour lasted for a lot longer than most other lipsticks I have tried recently and the formula was super creamy. For those of you who are worried about the effects of ageing, these lipsticks contain the Nutri-Youth Complex, which helps to protect the lips against dehydration and helps to boost collagen.


Do you think you will try any of these gorgeous natural shades?

You can purchase all of these products at www.clarins.co.uk


Kathryn xx


My next winter post is all about nails – the cold weather also dries out our nails and so here are a couple of products from Renunail that will keep those nails in tip top condition.


First up is the Renunail Triple Strength Nail Polish in the colour Pomegranate. The colour is a gorgeously fresh pinky red which looks fab on fingers or toes. The Triple Strength colour range is enriched with a strengthening trio of Keratin, Bamboo and Calcium, which really helps to keep those winter nails strong and healthy. The polish gives a really good coverage and a high gloss finish and didn’t seem to take ages to dry either which is definitely a bonus in my books!! The polish didn’t chip for at least 5 days either which again is a really positive point when talking nail polish and I was really happy with the finished look.


I then use the 3D Top Coat which is a gel-like formula that gives extra shine to the nail polish, along with a three dimensional effect and really helps to prevent chipping and peeling polish. You simply apply a thick layer over the polish and let it dry for 3-5 minutes – as it is a thicker top coat it does take a little longer to dry but looks so much better than a regular top coat. I love the fact that you can have a gel-look without the damaging aspects of gel nail polish.

Have you tried any of the Renunail range?

You can check out the complete collection at www.drlewinns.co.uk where the Triple Strength Nail Polish is £14 a bottle and the 3D Top Coat costs £11 per bottle.


Kathryn xx

Sunkissed Smoky Eyes Palette

Whilst on the subject of winter skincare and cosmetics, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you about the Sunkissed Smoky Eyes Palette. We all associate bronzers with summer but I tend to use them more in the colder months to give my skin a bit of warmth.


The Sunkissed Smoky Eyes Palette includes a section of eyeshadows and a bronzer pan. The eyeshadows are based on a smoky eye look but they could be used to create a whole host of different looks. Each eyeshadow is super shimmery and really well pigmented and the colours range from pretty neutrals to deeper reds and browns, which are perfect colours for autumn and winter.


The bronzer part of this palette is fab too as it isn’t shimmery which I would tend to use in Summer, but instead has a matte finish and really warms the cheeks and skin without being too much. The palette is great for carrying around with you too as you get a little blusher brush and an eyeshadow applicator inside.


Let me know what you think to this lovely little palette.



Kathryn xx

The Body Shop – My Current Top 5 Faves


As mentioned in my last The Body Shop post, I am loving all of their new products and ranges and so I thought I would do you a Top 5 of my current favourites. So, in no particular order, here they are.

White Musk Smoky Rose Eau De Toilette £16 for 60ml

As a teenager I used to be obsessed with The Body Shop’s White Musk fragrance and they have now recently taken the White Musk to another level by bringing out White Musk fragrances with a twist.


The Smoky Rose version is stunning and you can still smell the musk but with a lighter floral note on top and at £16 for 60ml, you simply cannot get better quality and scent. I love the bottle too and the way it starts off clear and then goes a really dark and passionate red. Perfect for autumnal days and nights.

Wild Argan Oil Radiant Oil £14 for 125ml

This is a multi-purpose product which is part of the new Wild Argan range and is suitable for both the body and the hair. Keeping the skin and hair supple and well nourished is so important at this time of year otherwise there can be damage to the hair that takes a long time to correct and the skin can look dried out, which can then make you look older than you are.


I actually add a few drops of this to my bath on an evening which really helps to keep my skin soft and smooth.

Instablur for Eyes £10

I have done a review on the original Instablur which is a super duper face primer, and now The Body Shop have brought out a version for the eyes.


This primer goes on the eyelids smoothly and manages to conceal the veins and the darkness of the lids. I also use this underneath my eyes to get rid of any dark circles. As well as being a great concealer, this product is also fab for keeping eyeshadow in place.

Colour Crush Nail Colour £5 in Shade Red My Mind

Classic red polish never goes out of fashion and this shade is gorgeous for Autumn and Winter, especially with the upcoming party season.


I have tried a couple of the other shades in this brand new range of nail colours and they leave a shiny finish and my nails were chip free for at least 4-5 days.

Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder £16

I personally don’t mind being naturally pale in winter as I think self tan can look a little out of place on a daily basis, but I do like to add a little bronzer to my make up routine just to make sure I don’t look like Wednesday from The Addams Family.


This bronzing powder comes in a tube with a brush on one end, which when applied to the face, gives a covering of shimmering bronze to the cheeks to warm the skin, therefore it is quick and easy but very effective.


Kathryn xx