RITUALS Herbal Tea and Car Perfume

Some of you may have heard of RITUALS, it is a skincare, shower and bath product range, which produce some absolutely gorgeous scents. I have tried a few of their shower foams before and the smell insanely beautiful, therefore when I saw that they were bringing out a range totally different to their current collection, I was pretty darn excited to see what there would be!


RITUALS Emperor’s Dream Tea Bags (£4.50 for 20 tea bags)

I must admit I never thought I would have associated Tea Bags with RITUALS but after thinking about it, there’s nothing more I love than a relaxing bath, with a cup of herbal tea by my side.


Emperor’s Dream tea bags are a relaxing herbal melange of Licorice and Staranise and are in really pretty (if tea-bags can be pretty!) pyramid gossamer-looking fabric. You simply boil up some water, pour into your favourite cup, pop in a tea bag, leave to brew for around five minutes and then sit back, relax and enjoy.


RITUALS Car Perfume (£10)

I love having pretty-smelling air fresheners in my car, but they never seem to last very long unfortunately. RITUALS have brought out their own version of the car air freshener, but a much ‘posher’ version – a car perfume.


This is by far the fanciest car air freshener I have ever seen and is a gorgeous wooden-effect strip that you pop into your air vents. It looks so much more natural and classier than the regular air fresheners and it is scented with fresh eucalyptus and rosemary.


The fragrance is really invigorating and refreshing and it lasts such a long time, in fact mine hasn’t even run out yet and so even though the price of this car perfume is rather higher than regular ones, the quality more than makes up for it.


You can check out the RITUALS collections at www.rituals.com

What other skincare brands would you like to see do similar products?


Kathryn xx


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