Love Aroma Christmas Collection

I have done a post on Love Aroma before ( and wanted to show you a couple of their Christmas releases. I think Love Aroma is such a fab company…they sell candles and other home fragrances and when you receive your goods, they come beautifully packaged and are even scented with fragrance (there is even a card telling you what fragrance your package is scented with!). Here are a few of my favourites…

The Scented Home Warm Winter Punch Scented Pomander by Ashleigh & Burwood £9.99


If I had to package a scent up and call it Christmas, this scent would so be it! It has hints of Orange, Cinnamon, Clove and Black Pepper and smells so so amazing, I wish I had a smell-o-blog and you could actually smell it as it truly is that gorgeous. The metal pomander has cute little stars cut out of it and is sealed with a cream bow ribbon, which you can also use to hang the pomander up.


The pomander contains fragranced wooden balls, but these can be taken out and replaced with new ones when the fragrance runs out, usually after around three months. It is such a warming, comforting fragrance and would be a perfect gift as it comes wonderfully packaged in a gift box. If you can’t bare to part with it, the pomander will look beautiful hung on your Christmas tree or around the home.


Stoneglow Winter Snow Topped Candle Tin £9

Argghhhh this is super pretty! This stunning candle is adorned with snowflakes on the outside of the tin and once inside you will see a gorgeous snowy scene, created from wax, with lots of sparkle (which unfortunately you cannot see in my picture as I only have a camera phone and not some amazing kick-ass camera – Santa please?).


I don’t know how it is done, but the top of the candle really looks and feels like crumbling snow. It has a burn time of around 30 hours, which is amazing for quite a small tin. The scent combines indulgent, sensual sandalwood and exotic amber enriched with creamy vanilla and rich balsamic notes and is truly sensational. I definitely cannot choose whether this is my favourite scent or the Pomander is. They are both totally different but equally as festive. Again, this would make another gorgeous gift, either for yourself or a loved one.


Lily Flame Foodie Mini Tins £18


I have had Lily Flame candles before and I love them, the scents are gorgeous and so different to many other candle brands around. This little set contains three mini tins, and includes the fragrance Mellow Figs & Garden Mint which smells incredibly light and fresh and not at all ‘minty’ in the Polo sense.


The next fragrance is Pink Grapefruit which is totally refreshing and zingy and lastly Mango Fandango (love the name!) which is sweetly scented and does smell of mango but also has a hint of something else, which uselessly I am not sure what it is haha!


This is a great little set perfect for teenagers or friends and can also be taken away with you as they are the perfect travel sized tins.

What are your favourite festive scents?

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Kathryn xxx

Love Aroma Candles

I recently discovered which is a website that sells some gorgeous scented products for the home including candles, reed diffusers, wax melters and more. Here are a couple of candles that I tried out.

Lily Flame Fairy Dust Candle £8.50

I recently discovered the Fairy Dust scent in a local garden centre and fell in love with it straightaway. It is definitely a girly scent, really sweet, pretty and light.

 fairy lid

The candle comes in a little round tin with a detachable lid and is cream in colour with white and pink decoration. The candle lasts around 30-35 hours, which I was surprised at as it is quite a small candle.

 fair main

Once lit, the fragrance freshens up the room and I found that the scent lingered after for the rest of the evening, which I loved as some candles can barely be smelt when lit, nevermind afterwards.

 fairy main

The Lily Flame range also includes room sprays and so this may well be my next purchase.


Durance Linen Flower Candle £12.95

Before discovering Love Aroma, I had never heard of Durance candles, and I found out that they also produce reed diffusers and room sprays and come in lots of gorgeous fragrances. The scent I tried out was Linen Flower.

 durance main

Durance candles are all handcrafted and made in France, with a burn duration of around 40 hours. The packaging is simple but effective, and consists of a plain glass holder, wrapped in corrugated card, a straw ribbon and a little cream card label on the front.

 durance top

As all of the Durance range are quite neutral looking colours, they are perfect for any room and are adorable as gifts. The scent of the candle is really light but uplifting and fresh, and doesn’t necessarily remind me of linen, but there is definitely a gorgeous floral scent in there, that is a little woodier than for example a rose floral fragrance.

 durance label

As with the Lily Flame candle, the fragrance could be smelt throughout the day after I had lit it in the morning and kept my room smelling clean and fresh.


Love, Kathryn xxx