The Body Shop Glazed Apple Collection

Hi you Gorgeous people!

I have been a little MIA lately as I have had Bronchitis and so I have been in bed the majority of the time! But I am on my way to a full recovery and wanted to start back with my new favourite collection from The Body Shop. The Glazed Apple range is new for the festive season and includes all of the usual Body Shop products – Body Butter, Shower Gel etc plus a few fab new products.


Glazed Apple Shower Gel £4

The Body Shop’s shower gels are soap-free and this one is made with apple extract and Community Fair Trade honey all the way from Ethiopia. It is a bright green colour (reminded me a bit of Fairy washing-up liquid colour-wise) and smells divine.


Now I love apple scents and flavours anyway and so this was always going to be a winner in my eyes, but the scent really does smell like crisp, fresh apples, although there is a sweetness to it, which some people may not like. With this formula you don’t need a lot of the product as it spreads really well and so it tended to last me quite a while.

Glazed Apple Body Butter £13

One of The Body Shop’s hero products, this Body Butter is suitable for all skin types and is made with apple seed oil and Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana. I love the fact that with The Body Shop products you are also supporting other countries who are not as fortunate as the UK.


The scent is exactly the same as the Shower Gel and the texture of the formula is beautifully creamy, leaving your skin nourished and well moisturised.

Glazed Apple Bath Sprinkles £7

One of my favourite ‘new’ products in the range, these Bath Sprinkles are super cute. They come in a bauble shaped bottle and you simply sprinkle a small amount under hot running water to leave your bath fragranced beautifully.


With regards to the Glazed Apple scent, I did find that the fragrance was stronger but this certainly wasn’t a problem for me. I also think, if you can find yourself able to give this gorgeous product away, that this would be a perfect stocking filler!

You can check out these products and more at 

Have you tried any of this beautiful festive collection?


Kathryn xx


Christmas Tag Post

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?

I love Miracle on 34th Street and the Home Alone films, as well as Eloise at Christmastime. Generally just really traditional Christmas movies.

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Definitely Christmas morning. I tend to open my sack first which is usually stocking fillers. It is a pillow case which my Aunty made me when I was little and it says, ‘Dear Santa, Kathryn has been a very good girl this year”. Haha Obviously!

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

As some of you may know, or not know, my Mum died when I was 17 and so all of my childhood Christmases were really good as they remind me of my Mum. Although one year I really wanted an electronic typewriter and my Mum said they couldn’t afford one, but when I woke up on Christmas Day there was one under the tree.

4. Favourite festive food?

Definitely roast potatoes in duck fat! Although I love Christmas breakfast, a good English fry up, with champagne and fresh orange to drink. We always have a gammon joint on Boxing Day which is one of my favourites too.

5. Favourite Christmas gift?

Probably the typewriter! Although one year I had told my Mum that I wanted a few little bits and she bought me literally the tiniest teddy bear ornament I had ever seen, the size of my fingernail. So that was cute. Also, my Goddaughter’s Mum, Nickie always gets me really thoughtful presents, personalised gifts from the kids, which I love.

6. Favourite Christmas scent?

Cinnamon! I love the really strong Christmassy festive scents. Not a clue what they’re actually called but most people find them a bit pongy.

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

Until this year, I have always spent Christmas with my Mum’s family, as Dad goes to his partner Jan’s family’s for the day. This year however, as I am living with my boyfriend James, I am not sure what we will have planned. I normally like to go out for lunch, or a bit of shopping or a Christmas film/cinema trip.

8. What tops your tree?

Again, with me now living with James, I will be making new traditions. Our tree is going to have a silver rattan glittery star on the top of it this year.

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?

I don’t think I have ever asked for anything extravagant, although my Dad would probably disagree haha! I used to always want like half of the Argos catalogue as a kid though!

10. What’s the best part about Christmas for you?

To be totally honest, I actually really dislike Christmas day since my Mum died, but I really enjoy the build up to Christmas, people tend to be more sociable, and happier. I love that people you haven’t heard from in a while will send a card or ask to meet up. I love the traditional, simple things about Christmas.

W7 Advent Calendar

Now onto one of my favourite new Christmas traditions – Beauty Advent Calendars. They seem to be everywhere at the moment, and I have also seen Yankee Candle editions, jewellery versions and many many more. I do love a chocolate advent calendar, but a beauty one is a lot less fattening and to be honest a lot more fun! I have chosen three this year, the Selfridges edition, the Benefit calendar and the W7 Cosmetics Beauty Advent Calendar.


W7 produce really amazing quality, fun and reasonable priced make-up items and I have done a few blog reviews on their products before and therefore I was SUPER DUPER excited to be able to show you my W7 Beauty Advent Calendar.


It opens up like a book would, and is a gorgeous metallic red colour, and so nice and festive! Inside are 24 doors with beauty products behind each one, including nail polishes, lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeshadows and a full-size mascara. I think the Beauty Advent Calendars are such good ideas for being able to try different colours and products without forking out for the full size. Also, if you aren’t fond of a particular colour, it would be a cute idea to give it to a friend – it is the season of goodwill after all!


At just £19 from TK Maxx they are a lot cheaper than the majority of the beauty advent calendars out there, but definitely no less fun!

Have you bought any of the alternative advent calendars this year? Would anyone be interested in seeing the contents of my Selfridges and Benefit calendar too?


Kathryn xx

Nair Argan Oil Shower Power Cream

Nair Argan Oil Shower Power Cream works during showering for handy, quick & effective hair removal. The unique formula containing Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter helps to leave your skin feeling softer and smoother. Clinically & dermatologically tested and with patented ‘odour control technology’, the formula is gentle enough to use on legs, bikini and underarms.


How to Use

* Ensure that the skin is clean and dry and then using the spatula provided apply a thick, even layer of the cream. Wait for at least 1-2 minutes before entering the shower.

* In the shower, leave the cream on the skin for at least 3 minutes; try to avoid excessive exposure to water on the areas which are covered with the cream.

* After 3 minutes, test a small area with the spatula. If the hair does not come away from the test area easily, leave for a few minutes longer do not exceed 10 minutes in all.

* Remove the cream using the spatula, and then rinse the area immediately with plenty of warm water to remove all traces of the cream. Do not rub or use soap.

I must admit I found this super easy to use, and after 5 minutes the hair just fell away. I loved the fact that you can use this in the shower as it saves time whilst washing your hair and keeps you warm instead of sitting on the bathroom floor! I found that because the formula had the oils and the cocoa butter in it, my skin felt well-nourished and smooth as a baby’s buttocks!

The pack costs £6.69 and is available at


Kathryn xx

Batiste Floral Essences

As mentioned in my Bouffe review, I am currently testing out a few different dry shampoos, and I couldn’t do this without including the most recent release from Batiste. In my opinion, Batiste are the original dry shampoo company and I have gone through a shop-full of their cans!


The latest Batiste release is the Floral Essences fragrance – this is a floral fusion which refreshes hair using summer scents, which is I really enjoyed as it took me back to summer whilst donning my winter sweater and jeans.

I don’t want to rattle on about Batiste because I have done multiple reviews/faves on them and I am pretty sure you all have either read about Batiste or tried it yourselves. But the bottom line is that Batiste is my ultimate favourite dry shampoo product so far that I rely on a daily basis and love trying the new scents.


Check out and see which fragrance you like the sound of!


Kathryn xx

New Drink Releases

I thought I would do a post that wasn’t beauty or gift orientated as I didn’t want to bore you gorgeous girlies too much with the same kinds of posts. Therefore I wanted to introduce to you my two favourite new drinks – Lucozade Cloudy Lemonade and Ribena Mango & Lime.


I have been feeling a little under the weather recently and Lucozade always perks me up a treat, without giving me that Red-Bull buzzzzzzzz, which I hate! Their latest flavour is Cloudy Lemonade, which I love regardless, so this was an extra bonus for me… It has that genuine traditional cloudy lemonade flavour to it and as I was at home, I popped it in a glass with some ice which was gorgeous!


My second new fave beverage is the Ribena Mango & Lime which is one of other favourite drink brands anyway and so I always like trying their new flavours to spice things up a bit.


This flavour I found really refreshing and as the mixture is quite strong, I found that I only needed to add a little of the cordial to water and so this large bottle has lasted me quite a long time. I love drinking low and no added sugar juice drinks at work as they keep me hydrated and it is much nicer than drinking water all of the time.


Here is a little recipe for you to make a Mango & Lime Mock-ito;


200ml ginger beer
1 bunch of mint
25ml undiluted Ribena Mango & Lime Squash
Juice of half a lime
1 sprig of mint to garnish

Simply add the mint, lime and squash to a cocktail glass, muddle the mint leaves, add crushed ice and give another muddle and finish off my topping with ginger beer. YUM!

Will you try either of these tasty new drinks? Let me know in the comments below!

Both Ribena and Lucozade are available from a wide variety of convenience stores and supermarkets.


Kathryn xx

Weleda Calendula Massage Oil

This fabulous product can be used as the name suggests, a massage oil or to pop on the skin after a shower or bath and really is a great pampering product at a really good price point.


This gentle massage oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which support the rebuilding of the natural protective layer of the skin which then balances its natural fat and moisture content. This oil with its refreshing fragrance is ideal for massages as well as for sensitive delicate skin.

The Calendula Massage Oil is formulated from carefully selected plant oils and is made from sun-ripened seeds and fruits, which are rich in precious substances which stimulate skin’s own natural regeneration and revitalisation processes.

You simply apply a few drops of the oil onto damp skin after a shower or bath, and another thing I love about it is that it absorbs super quickly, and so you can pop your nightwear on straight away. It left my skin feeling so so soft, and really well nourished.


Have you tried any products from the Weleda range before? You can get your very own Weleda Calendula Massage Oil for just £9.95 for a good size bottle at


Kathryn xx