Spa Find Remineralize Plus High Strength Body Balm

You may have seen my other Spa Find post on the fab hair and body mud on the blog, and I do have another product I want to share with you all which is perfect again for using in your winter skincare routine.

The Remineralize Plus range is a collection of products which contain even more minerals and are designed to boost hydration levels and promote a youthful complexion (Who doesn’t need this?!). I love body balms as they tend to be a bit smoother and have nicer textures than regular body creams. One of the first things I noticed when I opened the circular tub is how gorgeous the scent is – it has a citrusy fragrance that isn’t too overpowering but is lovely and fresh on the skin.


When applying the balm, I paid particular attention to the drier areas of my skin, my knees, ankles, elbows etc and I also have some dry skin on my arms so I rubbed the balm in especially well on these areas. I must say after a couple of weeks that my skin really does feel improved compared to before I started using the balm, especially those problem areas. I tended to use the balm on an evening after my bath so that those minerals and skin goodness could work their magic and it left my skin beautifully soft in the morning.

With regards to the texture of the balm, it is fairly thick as it is so moisturising and therefore does take a little longer to soak in than some of the other body creams and balms. A little really does go a long way though and you do not need to apply a lot of the formula.


Overall I really liked this product and thought it felt really pampering and quite luxurious to use. It’s allergen free which is really good for my sensitive skin and it didn’t cause any irritations to me at all. Although it does cost a little bit more I think it’s worth it for the extra benefits that you get, such as the extra hydration and the natural ingredients.

You can check out the entire gorgeous Spa Find collection at


Kathryn xx


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