So…? Couture Body Spray Collection

I have been using So…? Perfumes and body sprays for years and I recently tried out their brand new range of body sprays. These four new fragrances have been inspired by the essences of capital cities, including London, New York, Paris and Rio.


So…? London is modern, feminine and distinctive. The fragrance opens with sparkling notes of grapefruit, mandarin and apricot and rises on a floral haze of jasmine, rose and violet. Base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and musk settle into a cool, crisp fragrance that is perfect for effortless every day wear.

So…? NYC is a fresh, assertive scent, supreme for making a big city statement. A fruity fragrance which opens with fizzy burst of grapefruit and mandarin, followed by a creamy floral heart, wrapped in a woody vanilla background.

So…? Paris contains an impeccable arrangement of notes which flawlessly evoke the elegance of Parisian style. A truly classic scent that will tie your whole look together, the fragrance plays with the contrast of delicate notes of plum and rose with mysterious tonalities of Vetyver and Patchouli.

So…? Rio reflects the vibrancy of the city through its zesty top notes of pineapple, mango and melon. Its tropical heart notes of hibiscus dance on the nose before settling into a fragrance that is both enigmatic and exotic.

Personally, my favourite is the So…? Paris as I prefer scents that are a little darker and deeper than plain floral or fruity ones, but the Rio will be gorgeous for the warmer months! I love the brightness and vibrancy of the bottles and each one has a picture of a woman which has been styled to match the nature of the city.

These body fragrances are exclusive to Superdrug ( and cost just £1.99 each.


Kathryn xx


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