New Drink Releases

I thought I would do a post that wasn’t beauty or gift orientated as I didn’t want to bore you gorgeous girlies too much with the same kinds of posts. Therefore I wanted to introduce to you my two favourite new drinks – Lucozade Cloudy Lemonade and Ribena Mango & Lime.


I have been feeling a little under the weather recently and Lucozade always perks me up a treat, without giving me that Red-Bull buzzzzzzzz, which I hate! Their latest flavour is Cloudy Lemonade, which I love regardless, so this was an extra bonus for me… It has that genuine traditional cloudy lemonade flavour to it and as I was at home, I popped it in a glass with some ice which was gorgeous!


My second new fave beverage is the Ribena Mango & Lime which is one of other favourite drink brands anyway and so I always like trying their new flavours to spice things up a bit.


This flavour I found really refreshing and as the mixture is quite strong, I found that I only needed to add a little of the cordial to water and so this large bottle has lasted me quite a long time. I love drinking low and no added sugar juice drinks at work as they keep me hydrated and it is much nicer than drinking water all of the time.


Here is a little recipe for you to make a Mango & Lime Mock-ito;


200ml ginger beer
1 bunch of mint
25ml undiluted Ribena Mango & Lime Squash
Juice of half a lime
1 sprig of mint to garnish

Simply add the mint, lime and squash to a cocktail glass, muddle the mint leaves, add crushed ice and give another muddle and finish off my topping with ginger beer. YUM!

Will you try either of these tasty new drinks? Let me know in the comments below!

Both Ribena and Lucozade are available from a wide variety of convenience stores and supermarkets.


Kathryn xx


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