Lush Christmas

James and I recently went to Nottingham for a spot of Christmas shopping, and of course I couldn’t pass Lush without going in and making a few festive purchases – this year they have some absolute crackers!


This Bath Ballistic is smaller than the average Lush bath bomb and looks really pretty. It is one of the bath bombs which smells of Christmas, the spices and festive scents really come alive with this bomb. When I popped this in my running bath, as well as it fizzing, there was also some crackling as it has popping candy in – it was a bit like a festive firework display.


My skin felt lovely and soft afterwards, the festive scent lingered in the bathroom and at just £2.50 this is definitely a bargain bath bomb compared to some of the larger bath bombs.

Basked Alaska

When I first saw the Baked Alaska Soap, I was spellbound by how gorgeous and pretty it looked (although my slice is sadly blue). Baked Alaska is named after a Norwegian dessert, consisting of ice cream in the middle, smothered in meringue and then briefly cooked. Sounds yummy!


As a whole soap, this looks like a gigantic snowball but then as soon as it is carved, inside is a gorgeous vibrant-coloured rainbow of a soap. It has a citrus scent and is really strong, but not horribly strong, the scent is lovely and uplifting.

The soap contains lemon myrtle and grapefruit oil, making the citrus scent sweet rather than tart and ylang yland helps to round off the citrus combination, adding a slightly floral fragrance. It works into a really creamy lather and leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft and squeaky clean. Per 100g, the soap costs £3.25.

Melting Snowman

Awwwww this is so cute and is just £2.25! This is a bath melt rather than a bath bomb and so doesn’t fizz in the water, just simply melts away, of course leaving all of it’s skin-beautifying properties in the water.


Once placed into the bath, the Melting Snowman, starts, well melting! To me, he smells of spices and lemon, perhaps with a hint of cinnamon – CHRISTMAS!!!! Mr Snowman officially contains cinnamon, clove, patchouli, benzoin, lime and sweet wild orange oils – scrumptious and his eyes and buttons look like they’re made of chocolate but are in fact cocoa butter, and so this bath melt is definitely one to keep your skin heavenly moisturised.

What are your favourite Lush Christmassy products? My ultimate fave is Snow Fairy, but I am saving that post for another day! In the meantime check out and keep those peepers peeled!


Kathryn xx


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