Kat’s Cats…

I wanted to do a little post about my cats, I know it isn’t beauty or food related but I like to include other things in my blog from time-to-time to mix things up a little.

I must admit I was never really a cat fan in all honesty – until my friend got a kitten and it was sooooooo cute! At home, Dad had started staying at his friends and I felt a bit lonely to be honest and so Dad agreed to letting me get a kitten. I looked on the local RSPCA website and they had some kittens up for adoption and so we went through and chose little Daisy-May. She was gorgeous and I fell in love with her as soon as we brought her home. Daisy is now 7 and we treat her like she’s an actual child rather than a cat, both my Dad and I totally spoil her, and as I recently moved to Lincolnshire to live with my boyfriend James, I miss her terribly. Although I do try to go home twice a month and so when I do go home, Daisy loves it and spends her time laying on me so I can’t move. I decided not to move Daisy to Lincolnshire from Yorkshire as I really didn’t think it was fair to her after 7 years of living in the same house and leaving my Dad and so Daisy stays at home in Yorkshire with my Dad, who loves her to pieces.



As mentioned I have moved to Lincolnshire and I miss Daisy like crazy, and so recently James suggested we get a kitten – I didn’t leave him chance to change his mind and we chose Millie-May. I wanted to call her Ruby but James hates the name so we settled on Millie and I added the May but so she is like her big sister Daisy-May. Millie is three months old and super cute, (Daisy is and will always be my number one but Millie is definitely my number 1a haha), and loves playing with her toys, eating and sleeping – we are definitely quite alike! Her current favourite toys are a little laser pen (http://www.petshop.co.uk/cat/cat-toys/jolly-moggy-laser-cat-toy/) which is also one of Daisy’s favourite toys, although we try not to let either Daisy or Millie play with them too long as it sends them both a bit wappy after a while! Millie also loves some little glittery tennis balls (http://www.petshop.co.uk/cat/cat-toys/classic-rustle-tennis-balls-for-cats-2-pack/) we got from www.petshopbowl.co.uk (where we also got the laser pen) but I think Daisy is past the stage of playing with jingly balls now, but she does love the laser pen.



With regards to food, Millie loves Whiskas Kitten food and James buys her the kitten milk as a treat but she will practically eat anything, she is certainly not fussy, whereas Daisy has a more refined taste and loves tins of tuna and slices of butcher’s ham! She has also been trying some other kinds of food which we also got from www.petshopbowl.co.uk which are Canagan Dry Cat Food (http://www.petshop.co.uk/cat/dry-cat-food/shop-by-brand/canagan/canagan-free-run-chicken-dry-cat-food-1-5kg/), Almo Nature Cat Pouches (http://www.petshop.co.uk/search.php?q=Almo+Nature+Cat+Pouches&x=0&y=0) and for a treat we give her Nature’s Menu Cat Treats (http://www.petshop.co.uk/cat/cat-treats/natures-menu/natures-menu-salmon-trout-cat-treats-60g/). The Almo and Canagan food are fab for giving cats everything they need nutrionally and Daisy loves this food, she never leaves a single morsal, which is good as then we know she will keep healthy inside and out.


With regards to treats, you simply have to slightly rattle a bag or tub of treats and Daisy comes running, and she absolutely loves the Nature’s Menu treats, but we only give her them in moderation as although they are healthy treats, they are still treats. Millie on the other hand has yet to learn the sounds of the treat bags and boxes and doesn’t have a clue until you pop one under her nose.


I love love love cats and Daisy has been there for me when I have been sad, upset, happy or angry and even though I don’t live with her anymore she still has my heart, and as for Millie I can’t wait to take her on her journey of becoming a full-sized cat.

Do you have a cat or are you a dog person?

You can get Millie and Daisy’s treats and toys at www.petshopbowl.co.uk


Kathryn xx



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