Bouffe Dry Spray

I love dry shampoos, and I more or less use them every day, whether it is to freshen up my hair, to fragrance it or to add a bit of texture and volume to the hair. I recently gave Bouffe Dry Spray a whirl and this is how I got on.

Bouffe is a dry spray that you apply to the roots to give instant volume for your hair. It comes in a variety of shades from clear and light blonde, all the way to black. The bonus of the coloured options is that it’s able to cover any grey hairs or root growth while it’s delivering the instant root lift.


To use Bouffe, you simply roughly section the hair, spray the Dry Spray into the roots, and then massage it in with your fingers. It is pretty simple and you use it like any dry shampoo. If you are using a coloured one, just make sure you avoid spraying any in the hair line and rinse your hands when you’ve finished. I also made the mistake of using a coloured dry spray without taking precaution last year on holiday – I popped my brand new lilac Ralph Lauren polo shirt on and then liberally sprayed the dry spray on all over my hair – it went all over my new polo shirt as well and didn’t come out, which was pretty upsetting at the time!

Bouffe feels really light in the hair and I found that it doesn’t mattify the texture too much, so you can still have shiny hair if you want it. If you don’t need root cover-up I’d recommend the colourless one as I think it could get messy if you keep touching your roots. If you need a colour then make sure you also purchase the Bouffe Fixing Spray which seals the colour and locks in volume.


I would definitely re-purchase this dry shampoo spray although I am currently testing a few different ones out so keep your eyes peeled for more Dry Shampoo reviews.

What are your favourite dry shampoo products?

Check out the full Bouffe Dry Spray range at – The dry spray is £5.99 and the Fixing Spray is £3.99.


Kathryn xx


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