Batiste Floral Essences

As mentioned in my Bouffe review, I am currently testing out a few different dry shampoos, and I couldn’t do this without including the most recent release from Batiste. In my opinion, Batiste are the original dry shampoo company and I have gone through a shop-full of their cans!


The latest Batiste release is the Floral Essences fragrance – this is a floral fusion which refreshes hair using summer scents, which is I really enjoyed as it took me back to summer whilst donning my winter sweater and jeans.

I don’t want to rattle on about Batiste because I have done multiple reviews/faves on them and I am pretty sure you all have either read about Batiste or tried it yourselves. But the bottom line is that Batiste is my ultimate favourite dry shampoo product so far that I rely on a daily basis and love trying the new scents.


Check out and see which fragrance you like the sound of!


Kathryn xx


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