Anatomicals Aloe Handy Hand & Lip Balm Tube


Another of The Kats Paws’ fave brands is Anatomicals and I recently tried out the Aloe Handy Hand & Lip Balm Tube… I love Anatomicals descriptions of their products and here is their description of this one….

“Handier than sitting next to someone who can fly a plane when the pilot has just died. Handier than a tranquilizer gun when being chased by a rhino. Yes, even handier than a swimming pool down below when you’ve slept-walked off an 18th floor hotel balcony. This combination product averts 2 beauty disasters (dry hands and dry lips) in a single tube. You’ll be glad of it one day. Maybe not when you’re in a plummeting elevator, but definitely one day.”

Now this weather is kinda crazy at the moment, you get a day that’s miserable, rainy and cold and then the next you’re donning your shorts again! Global warming has a lot to answer for…. Our skin doesn’t know whether it is coming or going and so to prevent cracked fingertips and sandpaper skin, Anatomicals have brought out a hand cream and a lip balm in one for on-the-go ease.


To use this wonder-product, you open the transparent cap, apply the solid lip balm, screw open the lip balm cap and then press the tube and squeeze the cream into your hands. Easyyyyyy!


The lip balm is unscented, unflavoured and healing and the hand cream is thick, aloe-scented, healing and quickly absorbs into the skin. I love that this is two products in one and is such an essential for this time of year, you NEED to get your mitts on one!

Anatomicals is available at Have you tried any of the range before?


Kathryn xx


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