Yves Rocher Quelques Notes d’Amour Perfume

I remember when I was a little girl and my Mum used to order beauty products from a catalogue called Yves Rocher. The brand was not too well known back then, but over the years it has gone from strength to strength and I would like to tell you about their new fragrance release Quelques Notes d’Amour. First though, here is a little bit about Yves Rocher…


Yves Rocher was born in La Gacilly, nestled in the heart of Brittany, France. In the 1950s, a local healer gave him her secret recipe for a cream made from lesser celandine. He made it by hand and sold it locally. It was so popular that he decided to sell it by mail order. Yves Rocher had a passion for plants and a fascination for his grandfather’s collection of dried herbs. Little by little he learned everything he could and created other beauty products. His family’s attic became his laboratory and shipping centre. Letters flooded in and the packages piled high. Yves Rocher is reinventing beauty with a genuine compassion for nature and women. He is the creator of Botanical Beauty – a vision of beauty that now attracts 30 million women around the world.

The perfume itself comes in a nude and gold embossed box, simple but classy and the bottle is made from clear glass and has an embossed love heart on the corner of the bottle. When it comes to perfumes, I think the bottles themselves can be so important as that is what gives the first impression. It has a little band wrapped around the neck with an R for Rocher and a rounded, smoothed pop-off lid.


The scent itself is a combination of a Rose Damascena absolute and a Guaiac Wood essence with the sensuality of Benzoin. Personally I would wear this scent during the day or on an evening, as it is not too over-powering. It is quite heady but also has a sweetness to it, which is great as it will suit most people.

The fragrance costs just £17.50 for 30ml, which is much cheaper than a lot of bigger branded scents and is available from www.yves-rocher.co.uk


Kathryn xxx


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