Playboy Cosmetics Lipsticks BRIGHTS


Oooooh I do love this time of year, as with all the parties and outings, it is a massive excuse (not that we need one!) to go a little crazier, more over the top with our cosmetics! I have three gorgeous bright bright bright shades of lipstick from Playboy Cosmetics that I just had to share with you, that I think are perfect for those kisses under the mistletoe.


Bunny Girl

Firstly I must say that I will probably be overusing the words gorgeous, bright and stunning because basically all three of these colours are gorgeous, bright and stunning. Bunny Girl is a bright (sorry!) reddish pink, and is actually spot on for being a really good mix of half red and half pink, with not one colour really overtaking the other.

Front Cover

THE most beautiful coral colour I have ever ever seen! This is brighter and lighter than most usual coral shades but perfect to add a bit of summer to your Autumn/Winter look. At this time of year and the coming months, dresses and outfits seem to be mainly black, especially party dresses, and so I think it is important to add a slick of fabulous colour to your lips to stand out a little from the rest.

Pink Tease

This reminds me of a raspberry pink shade, a hint of a red underneath but definitely predominately pink. Another great colour to go with a black outfit, or with a floral silky blouse and a pair of jeans. All of the Playboy lipsticks are super creamy and long lasting, and I find that they certainly don’t dry my lips out, which some lipsticks tend to do.


What shades of lipstick do you prefer? Have you tried any of the Playboy Cosmetics range? If so, let me know in the comments below.


Kathryn xx


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