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As you may know by now, I am a lover of all things bath and pampering related, and as the nights get darker and colder, my love for these things intensifies. I have a few posts coming up with products that are perfect for cosy pampering evenings and am starting by introducing two of my favourite Aromatherapy Associates products.


Hydrating Rose Face Mask £37

Now I am not going to pretend, these are not the cheapest pampering products in the world, but they are perfect for a treat night, as well as for a beautiful Christmas present. The Rose Mask is a deeply hydrating mask which helps restore vital moisture to the skin.


It contains aloe vera and sodium hyalauronate, which are both renowned for their hydrating properties and are combined with damask rose water, distilled from Bulgarian roses, in this cooling, transparent (so no need to look scary!) mask. I found that this mask made my skin look a lot more radiant, which was a great result as I have been suffering from dryness on my cheek areas.


To use this beautiful treatment mask, you apply the product to your face and neck after exfoliation, leaving on for ten minutes and then rinsing away gently. I do tend to leave it on a bit longer, just because I find it really calming and soothing whilst I am laid in the bath relaxing. As it is a mask, you do not need to use it daily, but 2-3 times a week should suffice.

Relax Light Bath & Shower Oil £40

This gorgeous bath and shower oil is perfect for promoting a feeling of relaxation and rest, as it includes essential oils lavender, ylang ylang and petitgrain. It is a really relaxing and soothing elixir and gives such a sense of relaxation and extravagance at bath time.


You simply add a small capful of the oil to your bath or smooth it all over your body before showering. It does look quite a small bottle, but there is enough oil in there for 20 bath or shower experiences. I do love lavender anyway and so this is definitely one of my favourites, it makes my skin feel super soft afterwards and I can really tell a difference on my skin when I have used it.

Fancy trying out either of these gorgeous products? Check out the website at

What are your favourite pampering products?


Kathryn xx


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