Willow’s Graze Box

FullSizeRender-46I recently reviewed my latest Graze Box and when visiting the Graze website I discovered they did Goody Boxes for children, and thought my 5 year old Goddaughter Willow would love this. I placed an order, and popped her name along with it. The box arrived a couple of days later, emblazoned with her name across the front.


Inside the box there was a snakes & ladders game on the inside of the lid, a cardboard Scarecrow cut-out scene and four of the Graze treat boxes. Willow received the following boxes;

Bannoffee Dippers – This includes a toffee dipping sauce and three little wholegrain banana shortbread biscuits. Willow really enjoyed this box as she liked to dip her biscuits into the dip.

Mr Cheesy’s Garlic Bread – This box contained garlic crostini and cheese flavoured cashews. Willow hadn’t really tried cashews before and she did keep offering them to me to try as I think she was a little nervous at trying something new.

Berry-Apple Smoothie – This contains pieces of dried apple and strawberry drops. Willow loves her fruit and this was a fun way to try dried fruit. She said she particularly enjoyed the strawberry drops!

Say Cheese – This treat includes mini tomato breadstick and cheese croutons. I think this box was far too similar to the Mr Cheesy’s box given the large range of products Graze produce. Willow enjoyed it but I definitely would have liked to have seen more of a variety.


Overall this is definitely a great idea for kids and I would definitely get Willow another one as she enjoyed picking the treats instead of eating unhealthier nibbles. The only thing I would advise is to be careful when ordering and choosing as some of the boxes with nuts in may not be suitable for younger children. Willow really enjoyed playing Snakes & Ladders and building the Scarecrow though, which I thought was a great little added touch.


Get your Graze Goody Box for Children at www.graze.com/uk

You can get your 1st, 5th and 10th Graze Boxes FREE using the code: 452WY4LTB


Kathryn xx


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