Beauticology Range by Baylis & Harding

Baylis & Harding are renowned for their gorgeous bath and body care products, and their Beauticology range is no different. Here are a few of my very fruity favourites from their range.


Mango & Mandarin

I love this scent, it is super fruity and zesty and the mango and mandarin fragrances really invigorate the senses. The Bath & Shower Crème comes in a huuuuuuge pump dispenser bottle and lasts absolutely ages. The formula is really creamy and luxurious and certainly doesn’t leave my skin feeling irritated or dried-out.


The Shower Scrub is excellent for removing dry skin cells, especially at this time of year when our skin is making the transition from summer to autumn/winter. Scrubs are also brilliant for removing any remaining traces of fake tan, which I have often scrubbed my skin raw using a normal bar of soap and a shower puff – NOT recommended!!


Grapefruit & Raspberry

I have the Fragrance Mist in this totally refreshing scent and I love it as it is a perfect size for popping in my handbag for giving myself a spritz during the day when my perfume has worn off.


This may sound picky, but with some fragrance sprays I often end up drenched as they can spray lots of mist out at once, but this one releases just the right amount, so that I am refreshed without needing a rain coat.

Coconut & Lime

This scent reminds me so much of being on holiday, as does anything that has the coconut fragrance, although this is packed with zesty lime too. The Body Butter and Hand Cream are both super nourishing and moisturising and as I mentioned earlier, our skin needs lots of extra tender loving care in these colder months, and with these two products, you have the whole of your body covered!


The Hand Cream is a good handbag-size too so you can carry it around or pop it on your desk at work.


Beauticology is available at Morrisons or online at


Kathryn xx


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