My Friend Jay, Beauty Princess

I have been friends with a girl called Jay for around 9 or 10 years now, and for as long as I can remember she has always looked stunning, both in beauty and fashion, therefore I asked her to share a bit of her wisdom with you about her beauty routine.

1) Bedtime ritual – Kiehls trio 

2) Strip off – Pro Collagen Balm by Elemis

3) Hairspray for face – Mineral Veil

4) High Definition – HD Brows

5) Ready – Foundation


1 – Kiehls Trio 

Midnight Recovery Oil – Powerful Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream – Ultra Facial Cream


The above 3 products are part of my bedtime ritual. Unfortunately for me my skin is hard work. I do suffer from break outs, uneven tones on my cheeks & I also have some scaring from a childhood illness. But because of the care I take and the products I use – I am happy with my complexion and always remind myself ‘nobody’s perfect’! My skin isn’t particularly dry but I would say it is sensitive! If I use products which are too heavy then I will wake up with a face full of spots – duvet day!

In this Order (after a good cleanse) :

Midnight Recovery Oil by Kiehls RRP £36.. I bought mine end of June (4months ago) and am not even a quarter of the way through the bottle!

Simply take the pipette and squeeze 2-3 drops onto your skin in different areas, then massage the oils with the tips of your fingers.

As we all get older our skin does tend to get dryer and unfortunately those lines/wrinkles start to appear.. This product is one way of ensuring hydration to the skin / replenishing moisture. Our skin is more receptive on a night to repair & the cocktail of oils within this potion (Squalane, Evening Primrose Oil, Omega-6 Fatty Acids and Essential Oils including Lavender) are one way to achieve a younger looking, radiant & fresh faced look..

Wrinkle Wrinkle little star..

Kiehls Powerful Anti Wrinkle Cream RRP £32 and again I bought this product in January so 10 months ago! Take the tip of your finger and lightly place into the pot, then dab the cream lightly around your under eye area.

I am only 26 so wrinkles have obviously not quite kicked in yet for me (something to look forward to) but I am a very smiley person which does cause laugh lines/crows feet – this cream helps keep my eye area hydrated!

However, did you know that the age of 24 is when your skins moisture and elasticity starts to change?.. Prevention is key!..

Ultra Facial Cream RRP £24 – this face cream is super light and seals off my evening regime lovely. This is a 24hr moisturiser and can be used morning or night. Most of the time I use it only in the evening but I find that when I do use it in the morning, my makeup applies nicely unlike some other moisturisers that take ages to dry and can end up making your bronzer look uneven due to the dampness of skin.


2 – Strip Off Daily with Liz Earle & Elemis


I wear makeup every day without fail – what goes on, must come off! Growing up I used face wipes & then around 2 years ago I started suffering with bad spots. I decided to hunt down the trigger for this issue and found it was the wipes I was using! After giving up wipes I realised how harsh they were on my skin, leaving my face bright red and stinging.

Then a friend recommended Liz Earle ‘Cleanse & Polish’ RRP £14.75. I was adamant that nothing other than a wipe was going to remove my makeup fully.. How wrong was I?

This product comes with a pump.. One squirt on my hand and apply evenly to the face then use the Muslin cloth provided to wipe away daily dirt/makeup (some people squirt onto the cloth and wipe onto the face – personal preference). And now I alternate between 2 different cleaning products..

My all time favourite –

Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm RRP £39.50

This balm is formulated to achieve 3 things – dissolve makeup/daily grime, to cleanse the skin and restore collagen. This product also contains many anti ageing oils (padina pavonica). The balm is designed to deeply cleanse, nourish and smooth for a glowing complexion.

You can also apply this product to damp skin as a face mask, run warm water onto your muslin cloth and lay this over your face – breath in the aroma! This product is a lot more expensive than Liz Earle which is why I alternate..


3 – Hairspray for SKIN! 

Bareminerals Mineral Veil

RRP £20


Earlier this year I was Maid of Honour for my sisters wedding. Up at 6am for hair and makeup so I pre-planned that around 6.30pm I would return to my room to re-do/touch up my makeup before evening guests arrived – as I always think makeup starts to look greasy, sweaty and dark under the eyes as time goes on..

My friend from London came to stay with me and helped me prepare all the bridesmaids (I got the honour of doing everyone’s makeup).. She pulled out this ‘powder’ by one of my faves Bareminerals and said ‘complete your makeup then apply this – I promise your makeup will not change’.. Again I had no belief in this product – I’m clearly a glass half empty kind of girl haha.. But I did as I was told. At around 6.30pm I still returned to my room, looked in the mirror and WOW she was right! My makeup was exactly the same as when freshly applied and not only that… I had a luminous glow! This truly is hairspray for the face!

This product achieves a flawless and glowing complexion. It keeps on working constantly by absorbing oils and covering fine lines.. It’s a very light powder and does not lay heavy in anyway! It’s also has SPF 25 so provides protection for days in the sun!



4 – High Definition! 

HD Brows Foxy Pallette RRP £25.


As you’ll have notice from the previous image – I am a blondey! Therefore my eyelashes and eyebrows are very light..

I choose to have my eyebrows HD which is a treatment of tinting, waxing, threading, plucking and trimming. This means that my brows are perfectly shaped at all times with minimal effort and also quite a dominant feature – after all – our brows frame our face!

The HD pallette is perfect for adding colour to the brows and making them stand out!

Demo of brows : this has been done when my brows are desperate to be shaped/HD. Just shows that you really can fake the perfect brow!




5 – Bareminerals ‘Ready’ Foundation

RRP £25.

My foundation is my most precious piece of makeup because this hides the things I dislike about my skin. I suffer from pigmentation (especially after been in the sun), scarring and the odd spot from time to time.. Bareminerals Ready foundation gives complete coverage and is long wearing. Due to the products mineral quantity this keeps your skin feeling silky and hydrated. Again this product has an SPF 20 so if you buy a shade or two darker than your skin tone – you can actually wear this alone with a tad of mascara (if you plan to wear bronzer over it then get a match to your skin tone or you will end up looking tango’d haha’!!

I have taken an image of my skin at its worst – before and after shot.. See what you think….



So now you know my top 5, what do you think? Are you excited to rush out and try these?..

Makeup is my no1 in life and I love experimenting with different brands and techniques!

Thank you Kat for having me and I hope to be invited back in future to review the many other products I use in my life and maybe some eye shadow tutorials mmmmm.

Love Jay x

PS- pics of me and Kat 8years ago!!



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