My Love Affair With Benefit

My love affair with Benefit starting when I was about 17…it was not long after my Mum had died, and my Aunty Elizabeth and Nanna took me to London for the day. Our first stop was Harrods and we wandered through the Beauty Department, all of the glitzy, sleek, gorgeous products had me reaching for my purse. A really friendly lady popped out and asked if I had tried Benefit before, I hadn’t, and she then sat me down and talked me through the products she was using on my face. I had never really been interested in make-up as a teenager and so this was all pretty new to me, I chose a couple of products, paid, got them wrapped in a gorgeous little bag and couldn’t stop looking in the mirror for the rest of the day.

Back then, Benefit only had a small amount of products over here, and as we found out at the Northern Blogger Meet which I helped host in Sheffield in August, when Jaime and Kitty from the company came down and talked through the history of Benefit, very few UK companies believed in the US brand, but eventually it was stocked at Harrods, and I guess the rest, as they say, is history. Benefit now have a mahoosive range of products, each pretty and gorgeously-packaged and their concession stands in department stores are my absolute favourite place to be! Of course the best thing about the brand, apart from the gorgeous products, packaging and advisors, is that the products actually work. So many products these days rely on the name of their brand and people buy them because of that brand, but they don’t necessarily do what they say they do. Benefit have some of the UK’s biggest and fastest selling products, including the They’re Real mascara, They’re Real Push-Up Liner, Hoola Bronzer and Benetint, which was actually used as a nipple tint for showgirls in San Francisco, before the whole Benefit brand began. I think I shall stick to using it on my cheeks 🙂


Benefit have their infamous Beauty Advent Calendar coming out on the 16th October, I would love to say I shall be online first thing that day for it, but regardless of waiting last year, it was sold out within seconds, so if you can get down to a store that will be stocking it, I strongly advise you to get your name on the list – please bring me one back too!

I wanted to share with you one of my favourite box of treats from Benefit – another reason I love Benefit, the fact that they produce cute little boxes with smaller versions of their products in to try, travel with, and experiment with before you purchase the full version. It is the ROCKitude! Box and costs £25.50 from or from most department stores. In this kit, as with all of the kits, you get a little hints and tips booklet, which shows you how to get the best out of the products.

The set includes Benetint, Highbeam, Rockateur blush and Rockateur Ultra Plush Lipgloss. I have tried Highbeam and Rockateur before but definitely haven’t tried Benetint or the Rockateur Lipgloss and so I was totally excited to try new products along with products I already love.


To use Benetint, you simply brush three strokes of the rose-tinted stain onto the apples of your cheeks (the best way to find your apples, is to pucker up your lips, as it helps your cheekbones to stand out) and then blend quickly with your fingertips – but ensure you are quick, because this is a stain and will soak onto the skin pretty sharpish. You can also pop this onto your lips for a simple but effective pout.


Rockateur blush can be sweeped on to those apples again for a beautiful rose gold finish. I love this bronzer/blusher as it can be used all-year round and it is a really pretty effect. With all of the Benefit blushers and bronzers, you do get a really good-quality brush that fits perfectly into the little box so that you can re-touch on the go. Not that I usually have to re-touch Benefit products as their staying power is immense.


High Beam is a highlighter version of the Benetint and is used in the same way – applying three dots onto your cheekbones (remember to pucker up those lips) and blend lightly for a gorgeous dewy and fresh look. This is such a pretty product and is suitable for day, or evening when you can build the shimmer up.


The Rockateur Ultra Plush Lip Gloss is a range of recently released lip glosses that match the Benefit blushers and bronzers and this is my first one so that was pretty exciting to try. You can use it on it’s own for a gorgeous shimmery and natural look or even over the top of your Benetint for added sexiness.


So, my love affair with Benefit started 13 years ago, and is still continuing. I just need to get a bigger beauty cupboard to store it all now, and to realise my dream of owning one of the calendars!! (I refuse to pay £200 on eBay for one! But if anyone can help me out that would be amazing!).

What are your favourite Benefit products?


Kathryn xxx


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