Gucci Beauty

I have never been so excited for a beauty launch in my whole entire life when I heard that Gucci were bringing out their very own cosmetics line. I have loved Gucci since I was 18 years old and walked into Harrods and purchased my first ever bag. It was a little black one, that couldn’t really fit a whole lot in, but I still have it to this day. There’s something about Gucci’s timeless style that makes each piece an investment, as unlike some designer brands, their styles never go out of date.


As soon as the email came into my inbox from Gucci announcing their beauty line release, I was straight onto their website to take a browse through the stunning lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadows, mascaras and much more. The prices are really quite extortionate for make-up and so I couldn’t go crazy, but this is Gucci and it was a one-off treat.


I chose the Sheer Blushing Powder (£37) in Spring Rose, which softly illuminates and awakens the skin for a gorgeous radiant shine, but this won’t be delivered until the middle/end of the month and so I shall tell you about the products I have received.

The Vibrant Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer (£25) in Unapologetic Pink is a really natural pinky hue and is packed with pigment and super glossy but has a rich, creamy consistency.


The Audacious Color-Intense Lipstick (£28) in Whisper, is also a natural toned lip product, which feels really light on the lips but lasts throughout the day (unless you are lucky enough to have it kissed off). I went for a natural coloured lipstick and gloss because, with buying online I wasn’t sure whether some of the more fashionable colours would suit me or not.


I also ordered the Precise Sculpting Brow Pencil (£21) in Brunette, and the colour matches my eyebrows really well and so I was super impressed with this. I used to always use brow powders but recently I have discovered some really good, natural eyebrow pencils that don’t give that ‘drawn on’ effect.


Next item in my bag of goodies is the Opulent Volume Mascara (£27) in Black. I love mascaras and they are definitely my desert-island product, and so I thought this would be a perfect product to try. The brush is more acrylic than bristles but so far so good.


Last but not least I ordered the Magnetic Color Shadow Mono (£27) in Antique Gold. The range of eyeshadow colours is immense but I chose this as I thought it would be great for the upcoming festive season and all of the parties that comes along with it. It is a little less gold than I was hoping for in real life, but so well pigmented.


Now I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love the packaging – they look and feel so luxurious and as sad as this sounds, they really feel like you have something special in your hands. The tiny monograms are so so so cute and the black and gold finishes are perfect. Obviously at the prices they are, I won’t be purchasing the range on a regular basis but they will make fabulous Birthday and Christmas presents.

Gucci Beauty is available online at

What do you think of this range? Pricey? Exquisite? Both or Neither?


Kathryn xx


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