Okay so my next Autumn/Winter post is lipcare! No one wants to be kissing dry chapped lips and so to keep your lips in tip top condition, I recommend the following products from Blistex.


Blistex Relief Cream

I recently tried this as my immune system was a little low and the corners of my mouth kept cracking, and so everytime I tried to open my mouth to talk, the skin cracked again, and I am sorry but I find it ridiculously hard not to talk for longer than 10 minutes. It is a light cream that you massage into the lips or the corners of the mouth and is medicated to soothe cold sores.


I noticed within a maximum of two days that my mouth and lips felt so much better and the cracking had disappeared so I would definitely get this product if you are experiencing this kind of problem or also to have as a medicine cabinet staple during these cold, harsh months.

Blistex MedPlus

This is a cute little pot of soothing goodness! I use this as an everyday lip balm during Autumn and Winter as it contains jojoba oil and cocoa butter to condition and smoothe the lips as well as menthol which really cools the lips down – and yes it does tingle slightly at first, but I like that as it shows it is working.


It is also important to keep the lips protected during the sunshine in the colder months as this can also dry out the lips and the MedPlus contains an SPF of factor 15 which is perfect. It also comes in a Cherry Berry flavour which I cannot wait to try as I love love love cherry scented products. Yum!

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser

This lip moisturiser is full of shea butter, camphor and allantoin which are fabulous for conditioning, soothing and protecting those puckering lips. It has a slanted tip which is great for easy application whilst you are out and about and also contains an SPF on factor 10 which will really help to protect your lips from the sunshine.


This is the gentler of the three products in this post and all you do is gently massage a little of the cream into the lips to keep them refreshed and healthy. As with all of the Blistex products, they are so handy to pop in your handbag, pocket or even a purse for when you are out and about for total protection.

The Blistex range is available from most supermarkets and stores such as Superdrug and you can find out more information as well as viewing the full collection at

What’s your favourite cold-weather lip protection?


Kathryn xx


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