Sunkissed Smoky Eyes Palette

Whilst on the subject of winter skincare and cosmetics, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you about the Sunkissed Smoky Eyes Palette. We all associate bronzers with summer but I tend to use them more in the colder months to give my skin a bit of warmth.


The Sunkissed Smoky Eyes Palette includes a section of eyeshadows and a bronzer pan. The eyeshadows are based on a smoky eye look but they could be used to create a whole host of different looks. Each eyeshadow is super shimmery and really well pigmented and the colours range from pretty neutrals to deeper reds and browns, which are perfect colours for autumn and winter.


The bronzer part of this palette is fab too as it isn’t shimmery which I would tend to use in Summer, but instead has a matte finish and really warms the cheeks and skin without being too much. The palette is great for carrying around with you too as you get a little blusher brush and an eyeshadow applicator inside.


Let me know what you think to this lovely little palette.



Kathryn xx


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