My next winter post is all about nails – the cold weather also dries out our nails and so here are a couple of products from Renunail that will keep those nails in tip top condition.


First up is the Renunail Triple Strength Nail Polish in the colour Pomegranate. The colour is a gorgeously fresh pinky red which looks fab on fingers or toes. The Triple Strength colour range is enriched with a strengthening trio of Keratin, Bamboo and Calcium, which really helps to keep those winter nails strong and healthy. The polish gives a really good coverage and a high gloss finish and didn’t seem to take ages to dry either which is definitely a bonus in my books!! The polish didn’t chip for at least 5 days either which again is a really positive point when talking nail polish and I was really happy with the finished look.


I then use the 3D Top Coat which is a gel-like formula that gives extra shine to the nail polish, along with a three dimensional effect and really helps to prevent chipping and peeling polish. You simply apply a thick layer over the polish and let it dry for 3-5 minutes – as it is a thicker top coat it does take a little longer to dry but looks so much better than a regular top coat. I love the fact that you can have a gel-look without the damaging aspects of gel nail polish.

Have you tried any of the Renunail range?

You can check out the complete collection at where the Triple Strength Nail Polish is £14 a bottle and the 3D Top Coat costs £11 per bottle.


Kathryn xx


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