Love Me Beauty Box New Edition

The thing I love most about monthly beauty boxes is the surprise factor and the chance to try something new that I maybe wouldn’t try if I had to purchase it separately. Love Me Beauty gave you an option of three choices of monthly box, each of which had the same products in but different colours, which was a fab idea because you had a certain amount of control but it was still new products. Recently they decided to give their subscription service a re-haul and offer a certain amount of credits where you pick the products you wanted based on credits. I had a browse through the products and picked the ones I fancied. When I received the products there was obviously no surprise element as I had read through and chosen (which did take quite a while) the products which I felt was a bit like doing online shopping rather than receiving a beauty subscription box. I also read on a blog that the credits had been reduced on certain products which meant if I had waited I would have got more products for my credits and another thing is they have increased the price – all of this resulting in rather a few teething problems for the new system. However, I did enjoy my products but I could have bought them from a shop myself and I shall be trying this service again next month but with the original concept gone, I am not sure if it is something I shall continue with as there are so many other beauty boxes out now.

Here is what I chose;

Anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer – This is a revitalising eye mask that is filled with refreshing gel that is fab for when you are relaxing in the bath.


Anatomicals Oi You Throbhead – You can’t help but smile when you read Anatomicals products’ names! Always a little cheeky! This is a headache relief balm, which I chose because recently I have been suffering with dreadful headaches and sick of taking tablets, I decided to give this a whirl.


Anatomicals Cruisin For A Snoozin – This is a sleep balm, and as I always have trouble sleeping I thought this may help me get some much needed beauty sleep.


Nail Girls Nail Polish – I can’t see a shade name or number on the bottle but this is a pretty rosy pink, not too bright for winter but pretty enough to give you a hint of the warmer months.


Lord & Berry Smudgeproof Eye Liner – This is in shade 720 Sand and I have seen Lord & Berry products on many blog sites and haven’t, until now, had the chance to try them out. The formula is super smooth and it is a really good natural brown colour which I think you could also use as an eyebrow pencil or an eyeshadow.


So there we have it, the new Love Me Beauty package, I am still undecided whether I love the new idea or not. What do you girls think? Are you a subscriber?

You can check Love Me Beauty out at


Kathryn xx


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