Hair Dessert Hair Accessories


i recently got a new job with the NHS, and after my first day, my manager told me that the interview panel was in awe of my hair bow, which was something I had not really given any thought to. I love and have always loved hair accessories, they can add so much to an outfit and I have such a wide array. I probably own more hair accessories than I do fashion jewellery and when I came across Hair Desserts I became VERY excited.


“Hair Dessert was created in 2013 because we felt there was a void in the hair accessory industry. We wanted to create hair accessories that were not just hair accessories we wanted something more special so hair desserts seemed like it fit the bill. Hair dessert is exactly what the name says ‘dessert for your hair.’ Your mouth gets spoiled with all the treats so now it’s your hairs turn. Our tastebuds always gets satisfied and our hair deserves a dessert too. Hair gets abused all the time we fry it, pull it, dye it, and then torture it some more. It’s time to give you hair what it’s always wanted. Give into dessert and feel happy about it! Spice up any outfit with one of our hair accessories, you can dress them up or down and they are great for all occasions. We make hair accessories that are playful, cute, kawaii, motivational, and whimsical. Hair desserts are not limited to food hair accessories we just call them hair dessert because they are treats for your hair. Check out the ‘Hair Dessert of the Season’ for the limited edition seasonal piece which is available in limited quantities only for that particular season (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter).”


They come in either clips or on hair bobbles and I tried both, as I do wear my hair up quite a lot, especially for work as I hate having my hair in my face. For the hair bobble I chose the Pretty Pink Heart design as I thought this would go with the majority of my outfits and for the hair clips I chose the super cute Poppin Strawberry Sprinkle Ice Cream Cone and the Vanilla Sprinkle Cupcake. They come with their very own ‘menu’ on which you can view the other designs and ways to wear the accessories and when I took them out of the very cute bright pink envelope I was so impressed with the quality of the clips! They are so beautifully made and the quality is outstanding, much better than hair clips I have bought before in high street stores. The actual ‘clip’ part that holds your hair in place worked really well too and didn’t slip down even when I was holding a little bit of my fringe back. I cannot wait to try some of next season’s designs!

photo-138 copy

Their website is and each clip or bobble costs just $8 which is currently less than £5 each which certainly doesn’t justify how fabulous these clips are! Shipping was really good too!


Kathryn xx


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