MeMeBox Special #26

As you may have guessed by now I absolutely adore MeMeBoxes and the most recent one I received is the MeMeBox Special #26 Hand & Nail Care. My nails have been rather dreadful lately due to have gel polish on them and also with the change in temperature and weather, therefore I have been desperate to provide them with a bit of extra loving care and what’s better to start with than a MeMeBox full of fabulous new-to-me products?!


Included in this box are six brands and I haven’t tried any of them before and of course they have the added Korean cute factor to them. Here is a little bit about each product;

Pure Skin Hand Care Pack ($4)


Inside this pack are a pair of gloves which you pop on your hands for 20-30 minutes to really nourish and treat the hands. The grape extracts, witch hazel, grapefruit extracts, collagen, baobab tree extracts and olive leaf extracts included in the formula deeply moisturise the skin as well as removing any excess skin impurities.

Sur 3D Nail Art Kit ($29)


This little kit contains a 3D&Magnet nail polish in a stunning seasonal shade of Emerald along with a silver nail art pen. It comes with instructions and there are endless design options for you to create. I cannot wait to give this a go when December is on its way!

Rockachic Hydrogel Moisturising Nail Patch ($8)


These are little nail patches which you place over each fingernail for 20 minutes. They are enriched with collagen, milk, pearl powder, gold and paraffin to deliver intense moisture and nutrition deep into the nails.

With Shyan Dr Care Set ($13)


This cute set comprises of a nail treatment and a paper nail file which both work together to help repair broken, split nails. You can use the treatment every two days and it can also be used as a base coat.

Barbinie Shea Butter Hand Cream ($8)


This is such a pretty tube of hand cream! I am loving pastel colours at the moment and baby pink and lilac are amongst my favourites. You get a randomly selected fragrance from a selection of White Lily, Rose Water and Violet Musk.

Shara Shara Soft Hand Gommage ($6)


I must be honest and say that I wasn’t sure what on earth a gommage was. According to the instructions, it is a gentle moisturising peeling gel for dry, callused hands and so will be perfect for the upcoming Autumnal and Winter months.

With Shyan Baby Hand Set ($9)


Another fabulous treatment and nail wall file from With Shan, this treatment is fabulous for your cuticles. You receive either Vanilla or Lemon oil, and simply massage into the cuticles. I have very jagged cuticles and they grow pretty quickly and so to ensure a smart even nail polish application I shall definitely be giving this a go to banish those pesky cuticles.

Overall I really loved this box as it kind of covers all bases, but I think the worth price is not as high as any of my previous MeMeBoxes but still enjoyable all the same.

MeMeBoxes sell out super fast and so to make sure you get yours head over to

I really want to try the Pinkaholic Box, the Holika Holika Box and the Banila Co Box. I have just ordered the three Princess boxes so keep an eye out for that review!


Kathryn xxx


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