Freya Designs


Freya Design make beautiful wooden boxes for men, women, girls and boys in a variety of fabulous sizes, shapes and patterns. The founder of Freya Design is Marie Ekerholm, from Sweden and Marie combines Nordic simplicity and vibrant colours that blend in with the natural materials used.


Freya Design use high quality solid wood, which is a renewable resource and so super eco-friendly! This quality of wood is due to last for a very long time and the wood is sourced from countries where there are strict regulations regarding sustainability. The quality of the wood really shines through when you receive your box, and it has a hand-made feel without cheapening the product. The box is painted with non-toxic paints which is then safe to have around children and the inside of the box has been left unpainted which gives a lovely natural look and smell.


I decided to try out the Princess and the Pea Keepsake Box (£39). As soon as you feel the weight of the box you know you have a quality, long-lasting product. The pattern on the box has been really well designed and is so pretty, whatever your age. With Christmas under 100 days away, these would make such gorgeous gifts, and the range now includes Keepsake Boxes for both boys and girls, Jewellery Boxes, Money Boxes, Sewing Boxes, Trinket Boxes, Storage Boxes, First Holy Communion Boxes, Baby Boxes, Wedding Boxes, Tailor-Made Boxes, Door Signs, Gents Gifts and Remembrance Gifts. You can personalise a wide number of the product range to make your gift extra special and the tailor made option really allows your imagination to run wild and provide someone with a gift that will last a lifetime.



You can check out Freya Designs at


Kathryn xx


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