Guest Post Featuring Clare from SparkleBlossomBeauty

Hi All! I’m Clare from SparkleBlossomBeauty taking over today to give the lovely Kathryn a break as she is moving which I hate! but It means getting a lovely shiny new home which I love!!

I’m so pleased to be guest posting on here as its such a wonderful blog massive thanks to Kathryn for having me.

So today’s post is going to be a treat yourself pamper post.  With the soccer season having returned I have been abandoned and so decided to spend my extra alone time really relaxing and what says relaxation and pamper more than these beautiful treats!


I started off my evening with exercise I’m doing the 30 day shred at the minute its crazy tough! So after that I really deserved my relaxation. I started off with a bath with Sanctuary spa Sleep range Calming Luxury Bath Float. This is one of my favourite ranges in existence, from the first whiff its pure relaxation bottled and Its lovely and creamy so feels great on your skin.

I also treated myself to a hair mask Kerastase Elixir Ultime. I have had this for a few months and love it I’m just at the end of this one which makes me sad as its such a treat! If you have anywhere special to go it really gives your hair a boost plus it smells amazing. 

Next for my pampering evening is a face masque I’ve used Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque. This is a great masque for when your skin has been a bit stressed or like mine a little dehydrated of late after a bit too much time in the sun over the last few months!

While I have my face masque on I usually use the waiting time to paint my nails. Today I have chosen Essie Nail Polish in shade Fiji. I am a massive fan of Essie nail polishes and I don’t have nearly enough of them. Fiji is a really light pink almost white polish really that is perfect on short nails in summer.

My feet have been battered around lately and I’ve been on them a lot so they also deserve TLC. Ive used Burts Bees Coconut foot cream. I love this definitely my go to foot cream Its like an oily gel and It hydrates instantly and just takes away that tired weary feeling that you have from being on your feet too much.

Finally I have finished off my pamper evening with Holos Anti Ageing Facial Oil. I recently received this oil as a Pr sample and have been using it every night. It is the perfect way to finish off my evening. I find it really helps me to relax and fall asleep easier, It has a really lovely rose scent and as its an oil for my special treat evening I gave myself a little facial massage with it!

My whole evening was a beautiful treat for myself the only thing that was missing was chocolate but that would render my exercise pointless! What is your favourite thing to do to relax or as a treat?

You can find me on

Twitter @clareken86

Instagram sparkleblossombeauty


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