boomf Magical Mallows

Finding a gift for someone that they don’t already have is such a nightmare these days! boomf have come up with the genius idea of marshmallows with your photos printed on them! Everyone loves a treat to eat and I think personalised items go down so well as gifts.


You simply go on their website and upload 9 pictures or less if you would like multiples. I chose The Kats Paws logo, a picture of myself (I’m so vain), a picture of me and James and a gorgeous picture of my cutie Goddaughter Willow. I then awaited my delivery.


When the marshmallows arrived they were in a square white box and inside was a copy of the photographs I had chosen, which I am going to frame as it makes a fab picture! The marshmallows are wrapped in cellophane to keep their freshness and each one is a square plain white mallow with one of your chosen pictures on. I couldn’t wait to try one out and the taste certainly didn’t disappoint. 


I thought the photograph quality wouldn’t be that great with them being printed onto squishy squashy marshmallows but I was really impressed as the photographs I had used were taken from my iPhone and so they weren’t perfect to start with.

close up

You can choose your own mallows at for just £15 including delivery – who would you put on your boomf marshmallows?


Kathryn xx






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