Soap & Glory FabuLipSticks

Every girl I know, as well as a few boys are in love with the Soap & Glory range, including myself and when they released a cosmetics range I couldn’t wait to try it out. In this post I would like to tell you all about their Super-Colour FabuLipSticks.

 main sg

main close

I have the FabuLipSticks in Matte Blush Pink and in Naked Beige. The Powdercoat Matte Blush Pink FabuLipStick is a matte (obviously) lipstick (obviously) in a gorgeous dusky pink colour. Even though it has a matte finish, the lipstick is really creamy and easily slides on to the lips. The Naked Beige FabuLipStick is a neutral everyday colour and leaves a gorgeous shine to the lips.


pink pout


Soap & Glory FabuLipStick in Matte Blush Pink

Each of the FabuLipsticks are collagen boosting with plumping pre-peptides and hyaluronic acid which helps to create the perfect soft, smooth, dewy, plump pout. It certainly doesn’t give you a trout pout that’s for sure. They feel almost like lip butters they are that soft but they have great pigmentation in them and they last for ages before you have to reapply again.

I think the packaging and attention to detail has really been thought through well, it has the infamous Soap & Glory logo on the front as well as embossed onto the actual lipstick which I really liked. The colour-coded sticker on the bottom of each lipstick also shows you which colour you have which is good when you are rifling through your make up bag.


nude lips

Soap & Glory FabuLipStick in Naked Beige (Sorry about the brace!)

I love wearing these lipsticks as they leave my lips feeling really soft afterwards which is different to some brands I have tried which have really dried out my lips. As with all Soap & Glory products I have ever tried, these beautiful lipsticks have not let me down and I cannot wait to add to my collection.

Both lipsticks cost £9 each from where you can currently buy one Soap & Glory make up item and receive another for just half price.

Have you tried any of the other Soap & Glory cosmetics?


Kathryn xx



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