Peppersmith Fresh Mints

I have never really been a minty kind of girl, always preferring chewing gum, but since I had my brace fitted, chewing gum is a no-no and mints are my go-to choice for keeping my breath smelling fresh. Peppersmith makes both chewing gum and mints that come in pretty little recyclable cardboard boxes.


The three flavours I tried from the Peppersmith range include Eucalyptus and Fine English Peppermint, Fine English Peppermint (original) and Sicilian Lemon and Peppermint. All of the mints are sugar free and naturally sweetened as well as containing xylitol which can help fight tooth decay and so there is really no reason not to try these out.


The Eucalyptus flavour was like a breath of cool fresh air in your mouth, the Sicilian Lemon was fruity and fresh without being bitter and the Original Peppermint were minty without giving you that burning sensation that sometimes strong mints can give. I really liked these mints as they were different to ones that I have tried previously and are not full of sugar like some mints can be. I now always have a little packet of these in my handbag and at my desk to ensure my breath is fresh throughout the day, and also because I love the taste!

Visit to discover more about the history of these fab mints and their other ranges. The Mints cost £8.10 per set of 6.


Kathryn xx


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