MeMeBox Special #10 Mask Edition 4


This is my most recent MeMeBox and I love it just as much as my last box. It is based around face masks and facial products, which are my favourite things when it comes to relaxing. I got 8 products in my box, all full sizes which I was really pleased about too. Without rabbeting on, here is what is inside the MeMeBox Special #10 Mask Edition 4…

Sua Young Berristure $40

First off I love the ice-cream coloured packaging of this product, so pretty! This is a facial cream packed with various berry extracts and the Cos 5 Complex, delivering an instant replenishment to the skin. The collagen capsules also help lock in moisture for a more elastic, suppler complexion. This product smells gorgeous, and I could have so easily spread it on my toast! Obviously I didn’t though as it is much better as a wash-off facial mask.


SLCOSMETIC Soo Effect Plus Essence Sheet Mask in Repair, Energizing and Waterdrop $2 Each

These masks look a little scary when applied and so I would suggest using these in the comfort of a locked bathroom if you have small children. Enriched with baobab tree extracts, olive extracts, aloe vera extracts and red ginseng extracts, these masks are highly moisturising and beneficial to your skin. I found that the formula absorbed pretty quickly into my skin and rested for 15-20 minutes whilst in the bath with the mask on.


When 10:00PM and Travelmate Sheet Mask $7 Each

These bio-cellulose sheet masks are environmentally friendly materials made from coconuts as apparently they can hold 10 times more fluid than average fabric or paper. The 10:00PM mask is a skin soothing and nourishing mask for on an evening and the Travelmate mask is for treating tired, UV exposed skin when you have been outside in the sunshine. I haven’t had the chance to try these yet but as with the SLCOSMETIC sheet masks, you simply leave on the face for 15-20 minutes.


Skin Factory 7 Seconds Morning Sheet 7-in-1 $39

This product confused me a little, as it has a ringpull opening that makes it look like a tin of food (it isn’t), it says Refrigerator on the front which I thought meant you had to keep it in the fridge (you don’t) and I couldn’t tell whether it was pads or an exfoliator inside (it’s a bit of both). Anyway basically this fab sheet, which you take out with the mini pair of tweezers included (cute!), works as a toner, an emulsion and an essence, as well as when giving it a 7 second wipe across your face also gives the effects of a facial massage, an anti-wrinkle serum and a dead skin cell remover – pretty impressive huh?! So once I figured out what I was dealing with here I was really impressed with the product.


Purederm Vitamin C Facial Pads $12

These are super-cute orange slices – not real ones, they just look like them. They are facial pads enriched with orange extracts to soothe and revitalize tired, worked out skin and improve the skin elasticity and suppleness. I love using these over my eyes whilst having a mask on – sooo relaxing.


I really cannot wait to get my next MeMeBox as this one has been fabulous, and I love the fact that you can choose a theme but the products are still a surprise.

Check out the new boxes at


Kathryn xx


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