Gummy Bear Lip Balms

As some of our regular readers may know, I am a bit of a lip balm fanatic, I just cannot get enough of them and always have at least three in the bottom of my handbag. I also have a weakness for anything American and anything cute and so these new Gummy Bear lip balms are right up my street!


They come in Watermelon, Strawberry and Grape, all quite Americanised scents, which is another plus for me as Grape and Watermelon are two of my all-time favourite flavours and we don’t often see them too often here in the UK. The tubes themselves are brightly coloured and have a big Gummy Bear on the front.


I think Grape is my favourite as it is really fruity and different and the balm itself is really moisturising on the lips and I found that I didn’t have to re-apply for a couple of hours which I was impressed with. I think these lip balms are such a great idea for younger girls and boys or for those of us who are a little older but still love something fun and flavoursome.

You can buy the Gummy Bear Lip Balms from Primark for £2.50.


Kathryn xx


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