Witch Blemish Stick

The Witch Blemish Stick contains Witch Hazel extract, a strong antioxidant and astringent, with the latter being vital in the fight against acne in oily/combination skin. The product itself matches the blue packaging, but does apply clear so please don’t worry that you are going to look like a Smurf, as that won’t happen.


The smell of the stick is quite strong but fades away after a couple of minutes wear on the skin. The packaging is sturdy and the screw-on cap ensures that the lid won’t pop off and ruin itself if it falls or the contents of your bag.

After trying out the product on my own skin, which at the age of 30 I still have an oily t-zone, I noticed that excess oil on my there has greatly reduced, and on top of that any redness in that area has been toned down quite a lot.  


As soon as I apply it to the affected area, my skin feels tingly and even stings a little bit – a sign that it is working, which I didn’t mind as the stinging soon subsides. I find that when applying it to my face, I have to rub it in with my fingers to warm it up a little to make sure it melts completely into my skin.

Overall I am definitely pleased with this product, it is something I would not normally choose as I thought the Witch range was aimed at teenagers but I am sure glad I decided to give it a whirl.

The Witch range can be found at www.witchskincare.com


Kathryn xx


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