Topshop Make-Up Collection

I have loved Topshop for as long as I can remember and the amount of different products they have started selling in the last two or three years has been so much fun, including their amazing Make-Up Line. The colours they bring out are so much fun, and the prices are really good considering the quality of the products. They always produce fabulous nail polish and lipstick colours and I wanted to share my latest favourites with you!

Nails Nail Polish £6 each


Here are three of their amazing nail polishes in colours Sweets for my Sweet, which is a pretty pale pink with a gorgeous pink shimmer, Prestige, a light and bright purple and lastly School of Thought which is a stunning teal green, perfect for the upcoming Autumn season. I find that the polishes last so well and give a really good depth of colour after just two coats of polish. As always though I would recommend using a base coat with bright coloured polish as to avoid staining the natural nail. I think my favourite is definitely Sweets for my Sweet as the shimmer in it is soooooo pretty.


Left to Right: Sweets For My Sweet, Prestige, School of Thought

Molten Eyes in Lilac Rain £7

molten eyes

I absolutely love this shade of pencil eyeshadow – as suggested by the name it is a gorgeous lilac colour which also has pink sparkles in it and gives out a really intense shimmer. The velvety formula slides onto the eyelids perfectly and lasted all day, not rubbing off or fading at all, which I was really impressed with as often creamy eyeshadows often disappear within a few hours but this one was bulletproof. It is also a twist-up system and therefore doesn’t need sharpeninig.


Glitter Pot in Space Cowboy £4

I am so in love with glitter, and I am such a magpie, anything that sparkles, glistens or glitters and I am immediately attracted to it. The fab thing with these Glitter Pots is that they can be used on the face or body, using the Facial Glue to attach, or on your fingernails and toenails for some added glitz and glamour. The glitter itself is really lightweight and is perfect for layering up which results in a dramatic foil-like finish. Party and festival-goers, these cute glitter pots are a must for you all!


Topshop have recently brought out a metallic range and I cannot wait to try the lipsticks and nail polishes and I think by adding glitter from the glitter pot, the results will be perfect for the upcoming (yes I know it is Summer still, but us girls need to plan ahead) festive season!

If for some reason you have never been on the Topshop website, the address is


Kathryn xx


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