So Eco Make-Up Brush Range

The So Eco Make-Up Brush range is fairly new to the cosmetics market and therefore I wanted to tell you all about them as I couldn’t wait to try them out. Every single So Eco brush is made from sustainable materials, they’re recyclable (and that goes for the packaging and the bristles too!) and they are cruelty free. The brushes are even cut and trimmed by hand to give them an extra special finish. Each brush has a handle made entirely of bamboo and have super soft, fine bristles which make them really lovely to use. Here are my top five So Eco picks…

Finishing Brush

The So Eco Finishing Brush is perfect for using with foundation to give an airbrushed appearance. You simple lightly buff and swirl the brush around the face and you are left with no bristle marks, just a smooth finish.


Powder Brush

The So Eco Powder Brush is perfect for applying and setting make-up as well as creating an all-over base. This brush felt so luxurious on my skin when applying my regular powder and gave a pretty light dusting over my face.


Concealer Brush

The So Eco Concealer Brush is hand shaped and cut enabling easy blending of concealer for complete coverage of problem areas. So many concealer products never come with an applicator and I don’t like using my fingers as the eye area is so delicate and needs such a light touch and this brush is perfect for that.


Angled Eyeliner Brush

The So Eco Angled Eyeliner Brush is ultra flat with precisely angled bristles which enable you to create a clean line around eyelashes. I recently bought Benefit’s They’re Real Push-Up Eyeliner and could not get on with it at all, but using this brush with my MAC gel eyeliner gives a really neat finish.


Eye Shading Brush

The So Eco Eye Shading Brush is hand shaped and cut like each of the other brushes and is perfect to blend around the eye for flawless shading. I used both cream and powder eyeshadows and this brush applied both just as well as each other. Again the bristles are beautifully soft and therefore perfect for the eye area.


Will you be trying any of the So Eco Brushes?


Kathryn xx




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