Nanshy Blusher Brush

For those of you beautiful beauty bloggers out there who haven’t heard of Nanshy Brushes before let me give you the low down from Nanshy themselves….

At Nanshy, our products are extremely user friendly while ensuring they delight by exceeding your needs and desires. Your satisfaction is our priority at all times. We are consistently striving to bring you cosmetic products that have been researched extensively, designed with the utmost care, and ensure you only get the best of the best available. We guarantee no animal has been killed, tortured or harmed during the production. All of our brushes use synthetic bristles only; no fur will ever be used. All brushes are assembled by hand and go through extensive testing process. We pride ourselves on superior customer service like no other, coupled with prestige quality. Yet a tremendous value, by making the most durable, luxurious cosmetic products affordable for the everyday person. Nanshy products also last longer, so you can be sure you get the best value for your money.


Pretty impressive huh? I have been looking around for some new make-up brushes for a while now and I had seen Nanshy on a few other blogs and so I knew they would be worth my while. I opted for the blusher brush. This brush has a really pretty look to it, the handle has a pearlescent finish and the bristles are beautifully soft. The handle also is not a straight handle, but is a little curvy which really allowed me to get a good grip on the brush when applying my blusher – which was fab for not making me look like a clown. The ferrules are nice and secure and the synthetic, cruelty-free bristles are soft, densely packed and beautifully shaped. The brush helped my blusher to go on really smoothly and I had no bristle marks on my skin.

close up

The brush arrived in it’s very own satin tie-handle pouch which I found really useful for carrying around in my bag as it meant the remaining powder on the brush didn’t ruin my handbag!

They have an amazing range of brushes for all kinds of needs and wants, I definitely would love to try the Foundation Brush Kit, that looks amazing which you can see at


Kathryn xx


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