Freego Gluten-Free Food

Whilst we are on the subject of food, I wanted to tell you about a website I recently discovered. Freego is an online supermarket that stocks a wide array of gluten-free food and drinks and last week I received my order that I wanted to share with you.


Multi-Seed Gourmet Crackers £3.25

These are a fab alternative to wholemeal bread except they don’t make you feel bloated like some bread can do. I had these with some lovely fresh ham and salad and I enjoyed the crunchy texture of the different seeds.

Nairns Cheese Oatcakes £1.50

I tried these with some pickled onions and Branston pickle and they were scrumptious! A little softer than regular Nairns Oatcakes but nevertheless just as tasty.

Kallo Organic Unsalted Wholegrain Thin Rice Cakes £1.59 and Meridian 100% Peanut Butter £1.99

I love love love peanut butter and this looks and tastes absolutely amazing, being made from 100% peanuts! It goes really well on the rice cakes and these made a healthier alternative to using biscuits to spread my peanut butter on.

pasta rice

Dialsi Penne Pasta £2.49

As well as being gluten free, this is also egg free and dairy free and I found that it tasted no different to regular pasta, and like the Multi-Seed Crackers I didn’t get that bloated feeling. I think this is a really good price as you get a whopping 500g as well as being an award-winning pasta.

Tilda Brown Rice £1.99 and Ilumi Beef Meatballs in Tomato Sauce £2.75


I made this as a quick dinner yesterday as both sachets are to be microwaved for just 2 minutes each. With the Ilumi I expected the meatballs to not be too great but I loved them! The meatballs were a really good size and the rice was lovely and fluffy instead of being dry like some other microwave rices can be. I definitely enjoyed this and would love to try more of the Ilumi meals.


Kelkin Jaffa Cakes £1.99

I ordered these for James as he loves Jaffa Cakes and he said that although he enjoyed them he did find the cake part a little dry. But that will be because of them not containing gluten.

Mini Outback Animal Chocolate Cookies Pack of 8 £3.69

These are a really cute snack idea and perfect for kids or adults when you are craving a little bit of chocolate. The texture was a little soft for cookies but again this is due to the lack of gluten.

Kallo Belgian Dark Chocolate Rice Thins £2.39

Mmmmm these are so delicious! They really do satisfy your chocolate cravings but in a much healthier way than a Mars Bar. The texture is lovely and crunchy with a smothering of dark chocolate.

Nairns Biscuit Breaks in Chocolate Chip £2.25

These are a great alternative to other biscuit bars and cereal bars out there and really do satisfy your chocolate cravings. Yummy.

9bar Breakfast Bar in Cashew & Cocoa 89p

This was one of my favourite items from Freego – the bar was really filling and you could taste the cashew nuts as well as the cocoa. It contains 18% protein and I didn’t feel hungry again until lunchtime.


Kracklecorn in Orchard Wood Smoked Cheddar and Slightly Sweet & Lightly Salted £2.69 each

These are family packs of the Kracklecorn popcorn and as discovered in my Degustabox I am not too keen on the popcorn but I gave them to James’s Mum and she loved them! She said that the Cheddar flavour was really genuine rather than a fake cheese taste which some cheese-flavoured snacks tend to have.

I cannot wait to try some of the other items from Freego, in particularly the Ilumi meals and the 9bars. Delivery was really quick too and arrived the next day in perfect condition. They provide food for all of the family for all meal types too which is super useful. Check the website out at where you can get £5 off your order when quoting the code KatsPaws14


Kathryn xx




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