Degustabox July 2014

I have seen Degustabox pop up on quite a few of the blogs which I regularly read and couldn’t wait to give it a go! Degustabox is a subscription box (we all know how much I love those!) full of food, drinks and treats (and we definitely know how much I love food!) that gets delivered to you once a month. When I placed my order I got an email to say the boxes were sold out but they would be delivered as soon as possible. I received my box in August so it was a little late but at least it arrived.

Here is what was inside…

Zeo Drinks in Burst, Crush and Zest

Here at The Kats Paws we have done a review of Zeo before and I really enjoyed the drinks. They are more refreshing than many other fizzy drinks and not as calorie laden. You can find our Zeo review at


Portlebay Kracklecorn

I received three varieties of the Kracklecorn – Chili and Lime, Bacon and Maple Syrup and Original (Salty and Sweet). Unfortunately I wasn’t too keen on the Kracklecorn but it was good to be able to try a brand I hadn’t tried before. I do like popcorn  but I found the flavours a little too advanced for my palette.


Maggi Sachets

I received 6 sachets of Maggi’s SoBaked and SoJuicy range. I haven’t had chance to try these yet and I think they will be fab for winter warmers, as they include mixes for Cheesy Chicken & Leek Potato Bake, Piri Piri Chicken, Beef & Ale Casserole and Oriental Soy and Garlic. As with most sauce mixes they are quite high in fat but they will be perfect for a treat when the colder weather arrives.


Dr Oetker

Dr Oetker makes gorgeous baking products and I received Eton Mess and Violet Crystals. I am not much of a baker but I thought these would be lovely with ice cream as toppings. My friend Jess makes the best ice cream sundaes ever and I shall definitely be taking these two round with me next time I go.


Hornsby’s Blueberry Cider

This is another brand I have not come across before but I love fruity ciders and this was absolutely scrumptious. My boyfriend James and our friend James and I were painting out garden fences on Saturday, which was a really hot day and this cider was so refreshing and much-needed!


Green & Black’s Lemon Bar

I adore Green & Black’s chocolate and this one didn’t let me down. It is 60% dark chocolate infused with a zesty lemon flavour which made a lovely fruity change to regular chocolate.


Overall I was really impressed with the Degustabox as it made me try brands and flavours I wouldn’t normally try. Degustabox costs £12.99 a month and you can sign up here


Kathryn xx


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