Adorn Natural Hold Hairspray

I think it’s pretty ridiculous how much a simple hairspray can cost these days, anything up to £15, and let’s face it they all do the same thing, just with different strengths. I recently got the chance to try out Adorn Natural Hold Hairspray and it really came in handy the other weekend.

James and I had been invited to our friend’s daughter Lacey’s christening which was a lovely day and she looked absolutely gorgeous in her gown. That day was soooo hot and I was melting simply getting ready that morning – I had decided to do my hair in curls but as soon as I curled my hair, it would drop straight out – that’s why I headed for the Adorn. As I wanted quite a natural look, I knew this hairspray would provide me with hold without giving me that hard shiny look.


Throughout the day my curls held really well and I was so thankful I had my Adorn to hand that morning, and at the end of the day when it came to brushing my hair, the hairspray easily brushed out and I wasn’t left with any product build-up. Unfortunately we were running a little late and so I didn’t get chance to take a selfie to show you my curls but once the official Christening pictures are released I shall let you take a peek.


Kathryn xx


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