BeautyLab Tanning Products

I have totally got my tan mojo on at the moment and with a birthday party and a christening last weekend, Thursday evening was tan night. Here are my latest tanning faves…

BeautyLab Pre-Tan Skin Polish £18

As I have been self-tanning quite a lot lately, I really needed to remove any stray tan that hadn’t worn off yet. This Skin Polish is a must for preparing the skin and effectively removing any dead cells and helping to induce new skin formation. I used this product in the bath before tanning, and there wasn’t really a smell to it. The grains in the Polish were really fine but did an excellent job at removing my dead skin cells and my skin felt so much smoother afterwards, although I did get a bit of a tingly feeling for about ten minutes after but then I do have quite sensitive skin and so perhaps this was the reason. It wasn’t painful, just a slight tingle.


I honestly cannot stress enough how important and well-worth the time and money a good exfoliator is when tanning, it really helps the tan application to be smooth and even and I was really pleased with the results from this Skin Polish.




BeautyLab Peptide Tanning Lotion £20

Okay so since my skin was lovely and smooth it was time to test out the tanning lotion. Firstly, this tanning lotion is perfect for all skin types and is blended with rainforest cocoa, rose petal, jasmine and passion flower, with a hint of guava and melon. I could not really smell the lotion when applying, but the next day before I showered I could smell a slight self-tan scent, you know the one I mean, but it seemed fine after my shower. Recently I have been using mousse tans which have a colour to them when applying, but with the Peptide Tanning Lotion, it is a creamy colour which dissolves into the skin clear and so in hindsight I would say please be careful when applying. I smothered it on forgetting this and ended up with white toes and fingers and bronzed skin everywhere else. This was down to my application rather than the lotion itself though so please don’t be put off.


After showering, I must say it is one of the most natural looking self-tanning products I have ever used. There were no streaks (apart from aforementioned toes and fingers) and there was certainly no TOWIE orangeness to my tan. It didn’t irritate my skin and I felt well-moisturised instead of the lotion drying out my skin. If you prefer to go a bit darker, this tan is perfect for building up applications to achieve a darker look, although for me it was perfect and I am normally milk bottle white.



You can check out the full Beauty Lab Tanning Range at

Which tanning products have you been trying out?


Kathryn xx












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