Simply Beautiful Collection Vitamin ACE Day & Night Cream

I first heard of SBC (Simply Beautiful Collection) when I used to watch QVC, I tried out some of their gels, and they were so soothing for a range of different ailments and when checking their website out recently I discovered that their range had grown enormously. They now do facecare, skincare, body & bath care, makeup and lots more! I would like to tell you about the SBC Vitamin ACE Day & Night Cream.


The Science Part…

This rich and balanced day and night cream contains Oxysomes, the latest technology in advanced delivery systems, encapsulating brightening Vitamin C and refining Vitamin E, to moisturise, firm and brighten dry and dull skin.

The cream comes in a pretty and generous 100ml silver and pink pot with a screw-off lid, and inside the formula is a light pink that contains brighter pink tiny granules which massage into the skin and disappear. The cream is lovely and light but you do not need a lot to cover the face and neck as it spreads out really well, soothing the skin as you massage the cream into the skin, allowing the ingredients to deeply absorb into the areas that need it most. There is a slight fragrance to the cream, but doesn’t smell highly fragranced at all, it is just an uplifting scent.


I have been using this product for a few weeks now and already I can feel and see a change in my skin, it feels much smoother and more refined and I can’t wait to try some of the other skincare products.

The Simply Beautiful Collection Vitamin ACE Day & Night Cream costs £29 from and standard delivery is currently free! Happy shopping!


Kathryn xx



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