Love Me Beauty Box July 2014

The thing I love most about Love Me Beauty Boxes is that even though you can only choose from a range of items, you still get to pick which box you would like. This month I chose Box 2 and here is what’s inside.


LASHEM Full-sized price £40

This is a miniature sample of their Lash Enhancing Serum. These kinds of serums nourish and condition the lashes, and the fortifying formula continues working long after application while the potent ingredients help your lashes to grow. I have tried a similar product to this in the past and I found that it really did work after about two weeks I noticed my lashes were thicker and longer, but with such a small sample I am not sure you would see results with this one.


OFRA Pressed Eye Shadow in Bliss £8.80

This is one of the colours from OFRA’s Diamonds Are Forever palette collection and it has a vibrant shimmer colour that makes blue eyes in particular sparkle. I really like the colour of this eyeshadow and the size is good too and therefore I think this product would last quite a while.


OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Hollywood £11.60

This creamy and soft liquid lipstick is moisturising on the lips and creates a long lasting effect. It contains antioxidants and Vitamin E with colour that will last in perfect condition for up to 5 hours. I love the shade of this Liquid Lipstick and despite it being called Hollywood, I think it is certainly more of an English Rose.


SO SUSAN Flutter Mascara £14.95

This mascara is new to the SO SUSAN range and is an intense carbon-black formula with hyaluronic spheres to help you achieve the blackest curviest lashes possible. When I opened the mascara I thought that the brush wouldn’t do all that much for me, as I really need lots of thickness with my mascara, but this product pleasantly surprised me.


SO SUSAN Dual Brow Powder £11.95

brows closed

Big brows are still doing their thing and so this is a fab product to try out. I normally use Benefit Browzings or HD Brows Palette and so this will be a great back-up for when they run out. The palette includes a little brush too so you can take this around in your handbag if you so wish.


The Teashed Teabags £3.50

I go through phases with tea, sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t, sometimes I like fruity tea, sometimes I prefer posh tea or a good cuppa Yorkshire Tea. Therefore I love getting teabags in these beauty boxes as they are often the posh kind and it gives me a chance to try something new. You get 20 4am Tea teabags, which is a white tea, naturally low in caffeine meaning that if you drink it at 4am you will still be able to sleep. It is also renowned for being great for the skin as it is full of anti-oxidants.


I am generally very impressed with my Love Me Beauty Box this month and will definitely be carrying my subscription over to August. Check the service out at



Kathryn xx


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