Denman Goldie AnarKitty Hairbrush

Denman recently teamed up with AnarKitty to produce a collection of fabulous hairbrushes. Denman and AnarKitty have combined two of the most influential icons from the Swinging Sixties, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Twiggy, to create a design which captures the fashion and culture of women from that era.


This gold-coloured brush contains the Goldie artwork, incorporating the popularity of bouffants and beehives when women’s hair was considered to be the bigger, the better, which is also trending at the moment. Goldie’s makeup was inspired by Twiggy, with her famous eyeliner on the upper lids and vivid eyelashes. Goldie’s mini dress has been finished with a Denman rococo swirl.


This fabulous design is on the original Denman medium styling brush, featuring an anti-static rubber pad which provides maximum grip and control during blow-drying. It is one of the most famous styling brushes in the world. I found that it didn’t tug at my hair, but simply slipped through easily.


To view the latest AnarKitty art collection, please visit:

To check out the Denman range, visit where you can also find the Goldie brush for £7.50.



Kathryn xx


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